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loose arm

  1. A

    Mavic Air 2 - Left rear arm loose when folded out of the box

    Hi fellow dronies, I have an issue, I bought the Mavic Air 2 and out of the box, I noticed the left rear arm (on the right if you are looking at the front of the drone) drops a little but the right side stayed tight. Should I be worried? I have yet to even put on the propellers yet and was...
  2. jcastillo265

    Mavic Pro Platinum's weak arm?

    Hello to this awesome community! Does anyone have issues with their new Mavic Pro Platinum's rear left arm? Mine is brand new, but now has a good wobbling issue. I've read that some Mavic Pro does have this issue and is it a concern? I'm worried about the built quality since my Mavic is not...