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loss of control link

  1. J

    Mavic Pro Loss if control video

    Hi all. Here is a video of when my Mavic lost signal to my remote and did automatic return home. It’s an older video but still good tips. I really would love any new subscribers as YouTube changed things and now I’m pushing for 1k .. half way there :) Enjoy the video
  2. Skyler King III

    Litchi loss of control and controller said "NO RTH" when I pressed RTH

    Months ago I have a complete fly-away on my P4P with Litchi. When it was 200 feet away, it "disconnected" and disappeared into the wild blue. Thank goodness I had insurance (State Farm paid me ACH next day in full) that immediately replaced it with a new one. Never found the bird. Today I...
  3. A

    Simulate loss of control link

    Hi there, I have my UAV flight assessment in a couple of days and one of the things being asked is to break the control link between the transmitter and receiver and then have the aircraft set up that it will revert to fail safe mode. and return home for a safe landing. I've done some...