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lost mavic

  1. C

    Controller was off and Mavic Air didn't returned to home

    Hi all, My controller was uncharged and off when I was flying above the Atlantic ocean from one Iceland beach. Mavic Air was on 19 meters attitude, 370 meters from the Home point, had 20% battery and Return To Home attituded = 30 meters. Signal lost was set as Return To Home (by default). Here...
  2. O

    Lost Mavic while in waypoint mission

    Hello! Please, need help ASAP to try to recover my lost Mavic. On October 26 around 11:20 was flying my drone in waypoint mission when it started to drift away, then it switched to ATTI mode and app disconnected. RC showed error SYS WARNING and CHECK APP so I tried to reconnect DJI GO app...
  3. MarcObarlow

    Found In Louisville near Linn Station Rd.

    I was searching Craigslist in Louisville and saw a note posted mid-day Monday about a found Mavic Pro near Linn Station Road (near I-64 and Hurstbourne Pkwy). The poster said to "send me your photo and I will validate ownership from photos on memory card". The poster didn't leave a number but...
  4. I

    Got in panic with police and lost Mavic. Critical battery vs RTH?

    Writing one of those posts I hoped I’d always read and never need to write myself... Driving home on the freeway, saw a really beautiful sunset in a particularly scenic place that ‘needed’ to be filmed. Pulled over on the side of the road and flew the Mavic around for a full battery worth of...
  5. K

    Drone lost in Modica, Sicily

    Hello, I lost my drone in Modica, Sicily, I know its approximate location. If a colleague is willing to look for it, I will pay a reward. Please contact me for coordinates. Thanks!
  6. M

    Lost Mavic after losing RC Signal - RTH fail?.

    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if I could please get some help in finding my mavic. I was flying over some hills yesterday and at about 1600 ft I lost signal to my mavic. I tried running towards the mavic, but it never reconnect. The last prompt I saw on my phone was to turn on the RTH, which...
  7. Grungymike95

    Little update on Mavic loss.

    Posted a thread couple of days ago whining about my lost Mavic, and boycotting DJI. I'm aware that it was my fault for 1.flying behind buildings. 2. for not setting a high enough RTH altitude. Just thought I'd mention that and make it clear that I'm not here to reopen the thread. Anyway, Called...
  8. Grungymike95

    Got a response from DJI on lost mavic.

    About two weeks ago, I lost signal to my mavic while it was 154 meters away from me at an altitude of 66 meters. RTH was triggered automatically, drone didn't make it back home. Gone. Got in contact with DJI last monday, they've just responded back to me saying that it's not covered under...
  9. Grungymike95

    Lost signal to my Mavic, was set to RTH, ended up landing on some random building....

    Alright... so yesterday I was trying to get some footage of SXSW in Austin, TX, soon as I got about 800ft away and reached an elevation of 67ft high, all of a sudden got "strong signal interruption" message on the RC and the footage got very jittery for about 7-10 seconds before completely...