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  1. Yaros

    Air 2S is MUCH Louder than Air 2! Normal or not?

    Hello, just wondering about this because it is pretty strange. I bought an Air 2 while my friend bought an Air 2S. We flew both drones the same way & path but not at the same time. His Air 2S seems at least 3 times louder than my Air 2. Is that normal? We could clearly hear the Air 2S from 100...
  2. K

    Ultra sonic sensors do not have same level of volume

    Hey guys, today my father crashed my drone... No major damage, but I think that maybe one of the ultra sonic sensors is broken because I can only hear one of them. When I put a finger on the working one, I cant hear the clicking sound anymore, but when I put a finger on the broken one, I can...