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  1. Abner055

    LUT Comparison of Mini 4 Pro and Air 3

    I pretty new to flying drones and try to understand and use LUTs. I have an Air 3 and Mini 4 Pro. From all I have heard they both have the same upgraded Mini 3 sensor with some added backlighting to the sensor to improve it. I think they call it Dual Native ISO Fusion. I have seen people on...
  2. apx90

    Mavic Air COLOR GRADED with LUTs

    Hi Fellow Mavic Pilots! We're two guys interested in the world of filmmaking and photography we run a YouTube channel with film + photo tutorials, LUT packs, templates, vlogs & more! We made a compilation of MAVIC AIR footage we shot and color graded with LUTs. All of the footage was shot with...
  3. A

    Ground Control LUTs not working

    Hey so I'm new to drones and editing footage so, I'm having this weird issue and I don't know if I'm causing it or if its the LUTs themselves but I bought the GC Falcon2 LUT pack and most of the LUTs aren't changing the Lumetri or the Histogram, I've tried them with different shots but they...
  4. P

    LUT Packs

    Hi Guys, I have been doing some research into LUT's for quite some time now. I found a lot of different packs, both free and paid. Because there are so many it's hard for me to make a choice. For example groundcontrol has a few: Drone LUTs I'm looking for a LUT pack that has just the basics...
  5. Shawn3D

    How To Get EPIC Professional Looking Cinematic Footage From Your Dji Mavic & Phantom 4 Pro

    Hey Guys, read this extremely useful post to help you with a few tips and tricks to getting your footage looking great. Highly recommended... ARTICLE HERE
  6. B

    Finally got good D-Log Color Correction

    I've had my Mavic Pro Platinum for around 3 weeks and I've been playing with it non-stop. Best toy ever! However, I had been struggling getting my D-Log footage to look correct. By "correct" I mean as it appears to the naked eye. With a huge amount of work I was able to get semi-descent...
  7. I

    Using LUTs for Mavic Pro Videos

    Tried out the Aurora LUTs Pack From Polar Pro. 1st time using, not bad results. Anyone else using them? What others are there that are good? Cheers
  8. Mpunktkarlsson

    Just having fun editing!

    Hey! I have been using gopros just for fun for a while, but when i bought my mavic i also started to try out some editing. This is my latest video from a fishing contest arrenged by me and my two friends. Check it out, hope you like it! :)
  9. G

    Video of lake properties using FCPX and LUTs

    Hi folks. I shot some video of properties on Lake Petersburg in Illinois to show to some folks who live on the lake. I was mainly interested in getting some footage to play around with FCPX and some LUTs I just purchased. I like how the LUTs worked with just some fine tuning by me. I know the...
  10. mysticgnarwhal

    PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Presets - LUT Comparison

    I haven't seen many videos out there comparing the Aurora LUTs offered by PolarPro. I decided to purchase them and I did a comparison of all 12 presets. I used the same clips for all the different LUTs for comparison. I also used a PolarPro ND/8-PL filter for these samples. What does...
  11. G

    LUTs - Pease help me understand if am I thinking correctly?

    Hi, I am trying to understand all this LUTs, styles, settings etc. I did watch a bunch of video tutorials, and pretty much each says something different and it all is just confusing. As far as I understand you need to apply correct LUT to your footage as d-log from mavic is different from...