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  1. F

    Replace M1P with A2S

    Hi Community, Today I got an DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo delivered. I have had an DJI Mavic 1 Pro Fly More Combo (with 4 batts & advanced charging hub + 160W PS) since 2017 (Approx. 32h flight time on 231 flights). The M1P I have used together with an iPhone 7 32GB. The A2S I think I will use...
  2. thefrisbee995

    Pro How Could I Have Forgotten To Share This?! (I made an awesome video in Scotland)

    Having recently started posting to these forums again lately, I noticed I never shared one of my favourite videos I have made. I went on a road trip up to Loch Ness, Scotland about 2 years ago now and never shared it with you guys! Looking back at the video now, I'm still so amazed of the...