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  1. F

    Air 2 Madeira Island with Mavic Air 2

    Spent some days at Madeira - Portugal and when the weather allowed took some footage. Hope you enjoy it! My Instagram account @letsride80
  2. J

    Flying in Madeira?

    Hi everyone, I visited a lot of websites and am still confused, hence asking for help here. Could someone please clarify what are the rules of flying in Madeira? I am only a hobbyist and have my Mavic Air 2 registered here in UK. We're off to Madeira next week and haven't figured out what I...
  3. F

    Air 2 Video from Madeira

    Hotel Estalagem da Ponta do Sol raw footage quick morning shoot before checking out.
  4. E

    DJI Madeira

    Hi! The Mavic 2 Pro isn't available anywhere on the island at the moment. Where can I order it from so that it could arrive in 2 days?
  5. davidxia

    Lost drone in Madeira, Portugal. Cash prize for recovery

    This is a complete Hail Mary. I lost my drone yesterday while flying it in the mountains of Madeira, Portugal. I took off from a hill side. Clouds came in, my GPS signal decreased, I asked the drone to RTH, it got confused and went into the wrong valley one over from mine, I couldn't recognize...