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  1. M

    Czech Republic

    Hello, I was wondering anyone from Europe had information on droning in Czech republic. I'll be going in november and i was wondering what are some things i need to do first(permits, registration, etc) before heading out there? Any tips on locations that i should take on?
  2. Murkemur

    New Mavic Air Pilot from Netherlands, Groningen. Living in Madrid!

    Good afternoon ladies- and gentlepilots, My name is Mark 'Murkemur' Roossien and I'm a 26-year old guy flying with his Mavic Air drone in Netherlands and Spain. I am having my (plane)flight beginning of August and will live in Madrid with my girlfriend for a year. Going to fly the drone quite a...
  3. M

    Lost Mavic in Madrid, Spain

    A couple of days ago I lost my Mavic Pro during a long-distance, high-altitude, idiotic flight. I felt encouraged by all the previous flawless flights, and I went too far away when the conditions were not good enough. At some point everything went south (I realized the wind was pushing it away...