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  1. kbellis

    Hello from Ellsworth, Hancock County, Maine

    This morning's snow and first shot from a few meters above our driveway looking westerly across the village and Union River valley. I'm a retired land surveyor, first time sUAV owner and very new recreational pilot. After much consideration, like for years and years, I finally purchased the...
  2. Tr 68

    Air 2 Portage Lake Northern Maine

    Some shots from a trip to northern Maine this past weekend
  3. M

    Off the coast of Cape Elizabeth Maine (Two Lights)

    Here's a quick (about one minute) video of the coast by Two Lights / Cape Elizabeth Maine. I'm beginning to test editing with an iPad Pro and LumaFusion. So far I am VERY impressed with how these setup works and how it handles 4k footage from my Mavic Air. EDIT: I realized that the...
  4. MikeC

    Lighthouse Sunrise

    Owls Head Lighthouse, Rockland, Maine this week. Mavic 2 Pro.
  5. daveshrews

    Greetings from just outside Boston, MA

    Hello from the land of Elizabeth Warren and legal weed! (I don't partake in either, by the way.) I'm a new drone pilot from eastern Massachusetts, and looking forward to getting more involved in the hobby. I've been an aviation enthusiast for years (I've done a few hours in a Cessna 172) and...
  6. T

    Greetings from Gorham, ME!

    Hello! Any fellow Mainers out there? I am just getting started (in fact just flew out of beginner's mode for the first time this weekend—of course I crashed it).
  7. J

    Mavic Pro found - Kittery Maine

    The drone was found near Sarah Mildred Long Bridge in Kittery around April 1st. The FAA number is on the bird, so we have made notification but haven't heard anything. Just trying another route to getting the drone back in the hands of the owner. FAA registration ends in FMLM. I've read a...