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map view

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    Control app with custom regular grid map overlay

    Hi, I use a Mavic Pro and Air 2S for mapping glaciers and their surroundings. I've used Litchi and Drone Deploy but very often I find myself flying the surveys manually for multiple reasons (weather conditions force me to prioritize some areas and fly in sport mode, valley walls are too steep...
  2. D

    How to change map view in the GO4 app

    I fly the Mavic 2 Pro. My map view in the GO 4 app is currently Roadmap (attachment 001). Is it possible to change it to Satellite view (attachment 002) or something similar? Thx.
  3. A

    Map red arrow / Radar Problem

    Hello, here is my problem In the map view, the red Arrow does not reflect the real drone orientation... it rotates as the drone yaws but there is almost a 180 degree gap between the arrow and the drone direction... Both iPhone and drone compass are calibrated... I've been using DJI Apps...