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  1. Farm St Gravel operations

    Farm St Gravel operations

    Land clearing in Blackstone MA for sand and gravel mining
  2. iReviewFrozenDinners

    Air 2 Old asylum/hospital in Massachusetts

    Took a video of an old state hospital the other evening and slapped it all together. Fun fact: parts of Shutter Island was filmed here! Let me know what you guys think, headphones ? on and 4k for full effect.
  3. iReviewFrozenDinners

    Mini New England Summer 2020 (best with headphones)

    Hiya, I got nostalgic about last summer and put together some clips I took with a Mini last year. Also experimenting with ambient audio, let me know what you guys think. Enjoy,
  4. Vic Moss

    2 Pro Flying over the bay today.

    I'm from Colorado, but on vacation in Massachusetts this week. It's nice to have something different to take photos of. Especially with my beautiful Colorado seemingly burning to the ground. Gloucester, MA and Stage Fort Park.
  5. ClaudioSr

    Little Spark into the woods

    I'm a proud DJI Mavic Pro owner and recently bought a DJI RE Goggles... Amazing experience flying with Goggles. So just couple weeks ago i got a Spark (Too much rain this season in Massachusetts) for fun in and out of the house. This Saturday we had this amazing weather so I decide to fly my...
  6. daveshrews

    Greetings from just outside Boston, MA

    Hello from the land of Elizabeth Warren and legal weed! (I don't partake in either, by the way.) I'm a new drone pilot from eastern Massachusetts, and looking forward to getting more involved in the hobby. I've been an aviation enthusiast for years (I've done a few hours in a Cessna 172) and...
  7. Leo153

    The Mount, Lenox, Massachusetts. Mavic Pro Alpine.

  8. Skyler King III

    New Facebook group for Mavic Owners in New England

    There are several DJI and DJI Mavic Groups on Facebook and they seem to very geographically diverse. See: New England DJI Mavic Owners Group This Group will is dedicated to owners (and future owners) of the DJI Mavic series and that are located in New England, USA: Connecticut, Rhode Island...
  9. tnhl1989

    Hi from Boston, MA from USA

    Hi all, I am completely a noob to flying drones and can't wait to start. I ordered my drone through the DJI website on Oct 12th. 2016 while I was going on a hike with my friend who happened to carry a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with him. I ended up ordering the flymore combo kit while on the ride up...