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mavc air

  1. flyingstraight88

    First Attempt Long Exposure. ND1000

    I have always water to learn long exposure photography. My only goal is to be to get some motion blur. Decided to try Freewell ND1000 due to cheap price. I was able to get 1 second exposure (mid-day in bright sun at the beach.) being my first attempt, I was impressed with the results. I have a...
  2. KangaAir

    The way to San José by Mavic Air

    Where the deserts of Southern Spain and the Mediterranean present a unique beauty & lifestyle.
  3. I

    Looking for clarification re ipad/cellular

    I appreciate this is a subject that has been covered in several other threads and I apologise if I seem to be unnecessarily duplicating the question, but I wonder if someone could give me a definitive answer. I've tried to combine the responses from several other threads here and elsewhere but...
  4. S

    Mavic air charging

    Hi, can I charge the battery in a 230 volt outlet with voltage imbelance without something breaks?
  5. D

    Hello from Virginia, USA

    Hello everyone! I'm a new pilot from the middle of nowhere in Southwest Virginia. I recently (about 3 weeks ago) purchased a DJI Mavic Air and it's my first "quad". All seems to be going well so far, flight wise. I believe it's a combination of my previous videogame experience and this...
  6. M

    Lost my mavic air NEED HELP

    Hello fello pilots Sadly I lost my mavic air today in Corfu in Greece, the hard way. I was flying along side the cliffs. Then suddenly I lost signal I dont know why. Everything was set to default so RTH. But it never returned. Lost a 128gb card full of photos and pictures of 5 days. Anybody...
  7. C

    New Pilot from Pembroke, Ontario

    Enjoying the bird so far. No crashing. Lots to learn. Have a great day today for more experimenting. Sunny and light winds. Safe flying.