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  1. tonimaker

    Can't use the intelligent flight modes. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi there! I've had the Mavic Pro for a week now, and everything is fine, except for one thing. I can't access the intelligent flight modes on the Mavic Pro. I followed all the instructions. I am in p-mode, the battery is over 50%, and I am higher than 3 meters from the ground! When I select...
  2. A

    What SD card will you be using with the Mavic?

    While we wait for our precious Mavic´s to arrive, how about a little discussion about what type of SD card would be best to use, both quality, size and price ? To film 4K, it has to have a certain data rate (mb/s) and such. I went for the combo package, so i get three batteries, so I guess i...