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mavic 2pro

  1. Q

    (SOLD) Mavic 2 Pro FMC w/ Smart Controller and backup M2P, 5 batteries, hard case and accessories

    Mavic 2 Pro Fly More Combo with Smart Controller, DJI hard case, 5 batteries, 2 chargers, 1 car charger, charging hub, 2 X 64GB SanDisk U3 microSD cards, DJI plus Skyreat ND/Pol filters, 2 sets of propellers and a second M2P that served as my backup craft. The 2nd drone has some slight, mostly...
  2. J

    Why is my RAW image grainy?

    Hi all, I’m new to the scene here and have just started shooting in RAW for post. However, when I have brought them onto my iPad, the images are really grainy, as you can see attached. As far as I’m aware, the ISO was at 100 and I did not have any filter on the lens. I am unable to see how to...
  3. B

    Mavic 2 Pro and IPad Air

    Recently, I saw an error on my IPad Air using DJI GO4 - "Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected." I looked up on DJI and noticed that DJI GO4 did not support IPad Air but did list IPad Air2. I've never noticed any problems in performance or in flight log logging...
  4. A

    Oahu Hawaii - Mavic 2 Pro

    Recently traveled to Oahu and brought the Mavic 2 with me. Loving the 10bit image in the 2. I’ve learned that you have to absolutely nail exposure otherwise there is some noise that’s tough to get rid of in the shadows. Shot 99% of this in the UHD HQ setting, DLOG, graded in DaVinci...
  5. Prmath

    Does the Litchi app.........

    have Precision Landing feature for the Mavic 2 Pro. DJI didn’t add it in the Go4 app