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mavic 3 pro

  1. MavicPilot Skywalker


    Is it possible to transfer my waypoint missions from my Mavic 2 pro (made in Litchi) to my Mavic 3 Pro?
  2. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    3 Flying over a giant waterfall in the mountains

    This waterfall is completely innaccessible from the ground, so I used the long lenses on the Mavic 3 Pro to film it from a distance.
  3. SkyPod

    Mavic 3 Battery Cycle Count

    Mavic 3 Pro- I have a few batteries with 160+ cycles and I'm seeing about a 7-10% (2-3 min) reduction in flight time. The battery cells are stable and equal which is good. What are you all seeing? Anyone with over 200 cycles and how are our batteries holding up (flight time?). I remember the...
  4. roby17269

    Pro Snowy City

    Today I have flown my Mavic 3 Pro after the snow fall we had since last night. Here is the video My video
  5. c.oberschneider

    Mini 4 Deep Winter in the Alpine Village

    The village of Bad Gastein in the Austrian alps covered in fresh snow, captured with Mini 4 Pro & Mavic 3 Pro.
  6. Salem's Radiant Farewell- Sunsets, Rainbows, and Coastal Beauty.jpg

    Salem's Radiant Farewell- Sunsets, Rainbows, and Coastal Beauty.jpg

    a pano of a double rainbow over the Salem Peninsula
  7. Salem's Prism Magic- Double Rainbow Illuminates the Eastern Sky in January Splendor.jpg

    Salem's Prism Magic- Double Rainbow Illuminates the Eastern Sky in January Splendor.jpg

    a double rainbow over the Salem Peninsula
  8. B

    3 Pro: Escaping photo defaults - manual settings, RAW

    New user to the forum and this is my first post, nice to meet you all. I am a DSLR photographer and a US-based Part 61 private pilot ASEL / Part 107 sUAS. I am a new Mavic 3 Pro user. This is such a basic question but I have found the DJI documentation so difficult to navigate. How do I...
  9. J

    Using a Raveneye (DJI Image transmitter) and iPad as a wireless directors monitor?

    Hi everyone, new Mavic 3 Pro Cine owner here based in the UK. Just wondered if anybody had tried using a DJI Raveneye (also known as the DJI image transmitter) taking a feed from the RC Pro’s HDMI out port, and using that to wirelessly send a video feed to an iPad using the DJI Ronin app. I’m...
  10. AirStag

    Will RC Pro accept touch input over HDMI?

    I bought a FeelWorld 10" external touchscreen monitor (2000 nit) to use with the RC Pro. I havn't been able to use touchscreen feature which is a bummer. I guess the RC won't honor touchscreen input over HDMI. Has anyone else figured out how?
  11. PHZ

    Mavic 3 Pro With RC-N1 and iPhone?

    Noodling on a Mavic 3 Pro, but wondering if I can use my iPad’s much larger screen as I do with my M2. I have used an M3E and RC Pro with the Pilot 2 app and I am not impressed with the size of the screen for creative purposes. I do not see a DJI package for the M3 Pro and the RC-N1. Only for...
  12. charliebicks

    Are mavic 3 gimbal parts compatible with the mavic 3 pro gimbal?

    I can't find mavic 3 pro gimbal parts exclusively, but I have found mavic 3 parts. I can see that the mavic 3 pro sits higher up due to the bigger camera, so I don't know if the gimbal frame and parts are slightly different. Thanks
  13. akdrone

    3 The Taiga Bogs in Fall

  14. IlluminationsfromtheAttic

    Mini 4 Drone Noise Test: DJI Mini 4 Pro vs Mavic 3 Pro vs Air 2S vs Avata

  15. Michael Gilbert

    DJI Please release the SDK for the Mavic 3 Pro

    Since 2017, I've been utilizing DJI drones. My initial drone was the Phantom 3 Advanced, and I've since acquired almost every drone they've released, including the Mavic 3 Cine and the Mavic 3 Pro Cine. When I obtained my Part 107 certification, the Mavic 2 Pro was the optimal choice for...
  16. CalebLA

    Please help! HLG color difference in media player vs Davinci Resolve

    I love the Hasselblad colors of my Mavic 3 Pro! But when it comes to the HLG profile, I can't figure out why it looks great on the Windows media player (and other players), but when I import it to Davinci Resolve, it has a strange purple hue. I know I must be doing something wrong, but can't...
  17. F

    Processing Mavic 3 Pro images with Capture One

    I am curious if anyone else using the Mavic 3 Pro is having issues with RAW files in Capture One. I have used C1 as my primary raw image processor for years and have used it with older Mavic Pros and the Inspire 2 with no real issues. With the Mavic 3 Pro I am finding that the raw files are not...
  18. Big Ransom Studio

    New to forum from austin

    Hello. I’m new to the forum and hope to learn, and gain valuable insight, tips, hacks, and mostly your tried-and-true wisdom and experience. Thank you in advance for any help or time you spend for me. I know your schedules are likely much heavier than mine, and I truly appreciate it. Off to...
  19. hagman23

    Mavic 3 Pro Hand Launch Issue (solved)

    I have noticed now a number of times since getting my Mavic 3 Pro that this particular drone does not like to be hand launched. I have been doing this for a few years now, hand launching and catching every drone from the Air 1, 2 Pro, 3, Air 2S, Mini 3 Pro, and even hand catching my P4P. When I...