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mavic air flight review

  1. heo3480

    Real Mavic Air Flight Time

    Now I have a new DJI drone and of course, we should the do a the Mavic Air Flight Time Test and measured flight time in “no” wind conditions while Mavic Air is in motion. As you know this will give us the real right flight time.
  2. M

    What's Your Wedding Set up?

    I recently filmed a couple weddings, and have been experimenting with different combos, different cameras and lenses with the Mavic. From Sony A6300 to A7R ii. For me, Sony A7R II, Zhiyun Crane and the Mavic are the match made in heaven. Lens used to filmed were Sony 28mm F2.0, Sony 55mm F1.8...
  3. Mike_Flys

    So I flew a Mavic Air Yesterday!

    I was invited to a Drone Nerds/DJI presentation in Hollywood Fl yesterday and got to play with the OSMO Mobile 2 and actually fly a Mavic Air! The winds were about 25 mph, it flew great, and still got nearly 20 minute flight times. Nice little copter. It wouldn't replace my Mavic Pro due to...