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mavic attack

  1. M

    Mavic Active Tracking PHANTOM 4 PRO!

    Day 5/6 - Rainy and wet but still maanged to find a time to fly when it isn't raining. This is more of a fun flying day, messing around active tracking the Phantom 4 Pro
  2. M

    Human vs Drone - Racing against the Mavic

    Here I'm just messing around with the spotlight mode in DJI Mavic, racing against the Mavic, I wanted to see how well it follow me without crashing so I always had the controller on my hand just in case it flew away or crash into something.
  3. M

    Outdoor Workout with Mavic | Awesome Active Tracking

    It was a gloomy/cloudy day, I was outdoor working out with the Mavic, managed to get some footages of the drone doing Active Tracking and Point of Interest, safe to say they've worked to its best ability.
  4. J

    Bird attacked my Mav today - bad video attached

    testing out tripod mode today, great mode. Bad mode to be attacked, If i hadn't switched to SPORTS i think I would have been smashed from the sky. very aggressive bird, it chased me for a while after.