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Bird attacked my Mav today - bad video attached


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Oct 14, 2016
testing out tripod mode today, great mode.
Bad mode to be attacked, If i hadn't switched to SPORTS i think I would have been smashed from the sky.
very aggressive bird, it chased me for a while after.

Nesting birds I'm guessing... good example. Could just be a crazy though, I've met several crazy Australian 'birds'!! :D
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Looked like a Raven or a crow, strange. I live in the land of Ravens, Arctic Alaska. I have never had one attack a Phantom, maybe its the black color.
During a recent survey in Scotland I had a family of Crows harassing me.... Didn't actually attack but were approaching closure and closure... I chose the Scottish method of dealing with them!! ATTACK INSPIRE, ATTACK!!

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Great video! Glad you got away. That was quick thinking on your part!

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That's insane ! Great job not panicking and landing safely. I probably would've freaked out. I've had birds come as close as 50 feet, but never THAT close.
I had a close encounter with a feather friend last weekend. Close enough to set off my front sensors. Just glad he didn't try to take down my Mavic over the ocean. I turned on sport mode and move away quickly.

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What the mavic does best is quick recovery. There has been test done where they smack the mavic into trees and walls. My P3 would have spattered in those scenarios..
I love the "chase is on" attitude. I do the same thing, not that I would actually collide with one, but you wanna mess with me now I'm coming after you. Then about 30 feet later I give up.
I've had this happen with hummingbirds - always think it's going to turn them into aviary sushi :(

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I had that exact same problem recently, again with seagulls. They just wouldn't leave me alone! Someone recommended orange fluorescent tape as a solution. The trouble is, this thing looks like a marauding crow/hawk to a short sighted bird.

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Why is the color so awful in the OP's video? Looks like it was filmed with a potato
I've been worried as there's lots of hawks around here (on a twenty minute drive to a friend's, my daughters played at counting the number they saw...we got to twenty). I saw a shadow above me on day one with the Mavic and realised it was a very large hawk. Very territorial. But no attacks...yet.
The more we impede on their space the more attacks we'll see I'm sure. I'm no avian expert but we need to start thinking of deterrents, I think so far the best results having seen many topics on this on various forums is bright reflective wraps.
I had birds gang up on the drone once, had to bring it down. Birds are my #1 worry when it comes to long Litchi missions.
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