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mavic batteries

  1. G

    SOLD: Ipad Mini 4, (2) Batteries, Charger (thx to everyone who contacted me!)

    Hello All: I would like to sell: - Ipad Mini 4 (from Best Buy on 10-19-2017) $250 - 2 Mavic Batteries (less that 20 charges) ( less than 60 days old) $80 - Simultaneous 3 Battery Charger $20 - 2 Pair Mavic Props $5 Package Deal: $325 or best offer.
  2. iFlyForFun

    Transporting your Mavic batteries on an aircraft.

    What you need to know when taking Lipo/Mavic batteries with you on an airplane. Link to FAA: Pack Safe – Lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, spare (uninstalled)
  3. Robbyg

    How to prolong the life of your Batteries.

    Very nice article. You can see why DJI makes certain recommendations. I am now working out a better storage plan based on this articles information. http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries Rob