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mavic battery

  1. jforester

    Who makes the best battery for Air S2

    I did a search and found nothing on this topic, so… Question who makes the better battery for the Air S2? I have five DJI batteries and they have served me well. I’m starting to notice that dreaded swelling in all five of my batteries and I know it’s just a matter time before I’m in the market...
  2. L

    Mavic Pro fell off like a dead weight while landing

    Hi Fellow Pilots, I have had my mavic pro for a couple of months now and this is the first time it happened and it has made me anxious, so anxious that I am scared to fly now lest it decides to drop out again. This is what happened. I started flying my Mavic Pro on a full battery to check out...
  3. linuxglobal

    Brand New Battery Issue

    Anyone know the possible issue with this battery ? I have looked up the battery error code messages, my best guess is beyond discharged ?? Brand new battery, but i got it back in Oct 2017. Looking to find my proof of purchase if I have to go through DJI for repair/replacement. Pulled out of...
  4. J

    Batteries warm after week of storage

    Hello folks, I wanted to see if anyone else has expetienced battery warmth after charging then storing for two weeks. Charged my mavic pro batteries, 3 of them, two weeks ago. Packed in tight fitting lipo bags and inserted into a snug fitting pelican case. 2 of the 3 batteries felt pretty...
  5. T

    How much weight can the Mavic Carry?

    The newer phantoms can carry about 2lbs, so how about the new Mavic? Can this hold some external batteries to further that 27min flight time? I have yet to get a Mavic, but its weight carrying capabilities is something I am interested in. Has anyone tested its maximum weight?