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mavic case

  1. L

    Mavic Pro Ground Station & Case

    Hey Everyone, I've been following the threads here, mainly regarding cases & protection for traveling with the mavic for my trip to Hawaii. Well, I'm writing this from my hotel room balcony and am happy to say I found my solution for rugged case thats proven to work great on my trip. BUT WAIT...
  2. drifter136

    Mavic Pro Case from the Box - DIY - Free Case - Don't Buy a Case

    Don't buy a case for the Mavic. Make one out of the Box, then throw it into your backpack or camera bag. If it was good enough to ship it in, it's good enough to store it in. It's an ecofriendly solution. It is convenient durable and if you want to beef it up, spray it with bedliner or...
  3. G

    Walmart Carrying Case $9

    Yesterday saw this at Walmart that should work well for a Mavic Day Hike. $20 normally and worth it but at the checkout it rang up $9.00. Think Walmart is closing out last years hunting gear. Carries the Controller, Mavic with legs attached, 3 batteries, Galaxy Tab S2, Taco-RC case with...