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Mavic Pro Ground Station & Case


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Mar 29, 2017
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Hey Everyone,
I've been following the threads here, mainly regarding cases & protection for traveling with the mavic for my trip to Hawaii. Well, I'm writing this from my hotel room balcony and am happy to say I found my solution for rugged case thats proven to work great on my trip. BUT WAIT THERES MORE. As this is my 20th something trip to these little islands, I'm well aware of what the brutal tropical sun can do to even the brightest iPhone screen. The sunshades on the market were all too bulky and didn't do much since the sun was still shining directly down on the screen. So, I made my own setup. See below!

This setup allows me to "keep my eyes in the sky" and check my drones surrounding while monitoring my FPV control/ DJI GO4 screen (ipad mini), rather than staring at the ground.

It also does phenominal job at maintaining optimal screen brightness compared to any other configuration (especially in the blistering Hawaiian sun)

Setup takes about 2 minutes MAX.

The base was Pelican Case 1200 with the trekpak divider system. I custom installed a tripod mount, extra strength magnetic mount for the iPad, high-quality tripod and the best sunshade I could find for the purpose. It cost me a pretty penny but i'd rather get the best of the best and not have replace anything down the road.

If anyone wants me to build one for them PM or comment below. If you want to build it yourself, all parts can be found on amazon.com

I recently got out of the military, that may explain why this setup looks like it belongs on the battlefield lol

IMG 1883
IMG 1933
IMG 1934
IMG 1875
IMG 1861
IMG 1870
IMG 1920
IMG 1911
IMG 1915
IMG 1937
IMG 1912
IMG 1932

The iPad screen was dimmed as it was updating the mavic software when I took these pics

Vinyl decal is from one of my favorite stores, logo has no affiliation with me.

*edit* For the life of me I can't get the embedded images to work, sorry for the links!
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Sep 30, 2017
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That is a great case! I have been looking for a ground station like yours. How did you install the tripod mount, and where did you buy the mount.