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  1. rexster1505

    RC Pro Sunshade

    I came from a Phantom 4 Pro +. I was totally fine with the controller as the screen could be tilted to accommodate the sun. Going to the RC Pro, which I love btw, is taking some getting used to with the fixed screen. Flying with it at the angle that's comfortable in my hands often results in...
  2. S

    Sun hood for iPad Mini 6

    Hi, I haven't been able to find a sun hood for the iPad Mini 6. Any recommandations would be appreciated. Equipment: DJI Mini 2 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller Cynova DJI RC-N1 Mobile Device Holder Pro
  3. V

    Mid Year Sale on LifThor Sif Tablet Holder "COMBO"

    We have finally created at COMBO of the COLLAPSIBLE LifThor Sif - that includes most of the stuff you'll need to get an awesome flying experience. You save USD $50 on this combo until June 18th. Choose between Standard and XXL Tablet Holder, Lightning, Micro USB or USB Type C cable, and...
  4. K

    Sunshade for phones with narrow top/bottom bezels?

    Hi Guys, what sunshade you suggest for phones with narrow top/bottom bezels? Samsung Galaxy S8+ in particular :-). br Kris.
  5. E

    Anyone using the Drone Fans tablet mount? I have a question.

    I am thinking of getting a Drone Fans tablet mount from Amazon. You can see it at this link: Before I do, I have a question. I intend to use it for an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet, which is a great tablet...
  6. PT_Mavic

    Nexus 7 sun hood allowing fit into MP controller?

    I've been searching with no success for a sun hood that will fit over the Nexus 7 while still allowing it to fit into the Mavic's controller arms. This design leaves the corners exposed, which is what's needed, but it's not clear that they have a size to fix the Nexus 7 - the key is to fit...
  7. L

    Mavic Pro Ground Station & Case

    Hey Everyone, I've been following the threads here, mainly regarding cases & protection for traveling with the mavic for my trip to Hawaii. Well, I'm writing this from my hotel room balcony and am happy to say I found my solution for rugged case thats proven to work great on my trip. BUT WAIT...