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mavic controller

  1. quadroger

    How to make a DIY Mavic Controller Sun Shade Easy and Cheap - Mavic Controller Sonnenblende

    How to make a DIY Mavic Controller Sun Shade Easy and Cheap - Mavic Controller Sonnenblende
  2. jmark

    Mavic Controller and magnetic USB

    Has anyone used this with their Mavic controller? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Smart-Cool-L-Shaped-i-Product-Twin-Pack-5-feet-Gray/dp/B075TZ9BC1/ref=sr_1_1_m?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1534420445&sr=1-1&keywords=smart%2Band%2Bcool%2Bgen%2B4&th=1 I was thinking of leaving this connected to the...
  3. A

    Need Tablet Advise

    New thread because I need a replacement for my Nvidea K1 8" tablet. I prefer Android OS, but need to have HDMI out to put the streaming picture on a big TV for search and rescue. I would be interested in getting my Nvidea K1 repaired as well. Hard to find a good deal on a new K1 now. Tried a...
  4. H

    Remote wont connect to Mavic or Computer

    I've tried multiple cords, My mavic connects and updated perfectly fine to DJI A2. Controller wont connect to computer or Mavic. Charges my phone just fine. Uninstalled and Reinstalled DJI A2 3 times. Used 4 different USB cords including DJI's provided one. Is there a button combination to...
  5. H

    Strange issues with image related to Micro USB to Lighting.

    Greetings, I recently upgraded from the Phantom 3 to a Mavic pro and went out to test it out today, after messing with all the settings at home it seemed to have no issues. However, once I got out to test I would connect and see image for two seconds then nothing, everything said N/A, screen was...
  6. G

    Mavic Controller For Sale $175 SOLD

    Crashed the Mavic so selling controller and connectors for $175 - includes shipping. Ships from MN.
  7. C

    DJI Mavic Pro Controller + Gimbal Cover

    SOLD (well after voicing my complaint DJI accepted them, just need to pay the shipping) Hi Pilots, I just purchased my Mavic Pro and didn't know it came with some of the components.. like a controller and gimbal clear plastic cover. DJI won't accept it back as it's been past 7 days. I paid...
  8. M

    Mavic. ---

    Does anyone know what the button on the Mavic controller does. The button is on right side. It slides up or down. The button is only on the right side of controller. Thanks for any help