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mavic crash

  1. M

    Active Track crash while MTB, what happened?

    Hello Everyone, First time pilot and first post on Mavic Pilots Forum. This morning I was using Active Track - Parallel Mode when the my Mavic Air 2 all the sudden came right at me, right above my head, and crashed into the mountain side. I had been riding for about 5 minutes before that with...
  2. DDS

    Crash Your Drone?

    Use Coupon Code "mavicpilots" to get $30 off your repair (put in the problem w/ your drone section)
  3. C

    HELP! Mavic Flyaway Crash

    Yesterday I flew to try to get a cool shot of the lame sunset on the gloomy, snowy day. Temps were in the mid 30s (Farenheit) and I had 17 Satilites. This was the 116th flight with my month-old Mavic Pro, and IMU, compass, and everything else looked normal. It was getting dark, not to the pitch...
  4. J

    First Crash! (OMG my precious mavic turn into mavic kamikaze into moving traffic)

    The steps towards my first crash. horrible 23 of my piloting experience. 1. someone in the car with me really irritates me I was soaked in his negative energy lol 2.Thus I pull over on the side of the road in the national park forest, very little to no car, 2-way traffic. (I need to set...
  5. Kevin2735

    Obstacle Avoidance Failed

    I have run active track before and had obstacle avoidance kick in when you would expect it to. On this particular flight, the Mavic started at about 17' and lost altitude as it was following the target for some reason, when it hit the ground it was still showing at 7.5 feet. I did calibrate it...
  6. S

    my first crash

    today I was flying at a high school in the Philippines. Suddenly, it started going to the right, and then went up and hit the ceiling. I wasn't touching the left stick at all. Maybe it lost GPS or something. Two propellers are broke, but it still turns on with video, and the motors run. Steve
  7. G

    I am very disappointed with the answers I am getting from DJI

    Three weeks ago my Mavic crashed into a lake for no apparent reason, while in RTH mode and without hitting any trees or cables. It just fell like a rock from height of 50 meters. Seems like it just shutdown in midair. DJI support went over the flight log and all the files I extracted from the...
  8. T

    Mavic Pro - Fly Fishing & HOOKUPS!

    Loving this thing for filming, sooo versatile, it's been very reliable for my on the S7 with all the latest updates, no disconnections even out to 4km+. I just put her up in the air and pray for a hookup! Filmed in New Zealand - this country is just made for drone filming! Enjoy! Andrew
  9. Lexzoom

    Easter Sunday on Ben Damph in the Scottish Highlands

  10. M


    Day 3 - A long walk along the coast and in the wood. The Mavic almost had a crash scare when walking in the tight cofined space in the wood, was trying out some intricate flying with trees around. Thanks to the obstacle avoidance system, the Mavic managed to avoided crashing into the tree...
  11. Lapeer20m

    Video: crashed mavic the first day

    it was my failure to understand how return to home functions. It was dark, so I Was flying indoors in "tripod mode." I had spent about 40 minutes total flying in this space in multiple flights. I pushed return to home button, assuming it would return to where it took off. Instead, it...
  12. G

    Mavic Crash Battery Overcharge

    It's a crisp foggy day here in Idaho and I wanted to record the snow accumulation as well as do a Tap Flight. Lift off was normal, switched on Tripod Mode and then a slow rotation to record a 360 degree rotation. After that I ascended to above the trees and set up a Tap flight down the...