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mavic pro gimbal

  1. X

    Gimbal control board issue

    I am having an issue with gimbal control pcb board. I have 1x working gimbal + gimbal board which I am using for testing. I have 3x other boards that all have the same issue when I attach the known working camera to it. These all work partly in that I can see video, but I have no control in the...
  2. A

    Mavic Pro Gimbal Problems

    Problem? Mavic Pro gimbal spazzes out upon startup Was unit in a crash? Yes, 1 month ago, but flew fine for a month What have you tried so far? calibration, factory reset, replaced gimbal with this part (Sign in or Register | eBay) What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)...
  3. V

    my gimbal moves for a while and stops!didnt crash my mavic even needed

    so my mavic pro's gimbal gave up on me,i am from a country where i cant get my mavic serviced, my friend got me this mavic from usa, the problem was the gimbal stopped working, what it does is gets calibrated and stops at a corner and doesnt respond, first i thought it was a flex cable issue...
  4. S

    Gimbal Yaw motor damaged.

    Hello: My Mavic dropped dead while hovering 20+ feet in the air near some power lines right onto concrete and took some damage!! Needless to say...I am slowly getting it back together however the magnet in the yaw motor has broken and pieces are missing along with the shaft pulling out. I have...