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  1. F

    MA2 found South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I found a Mavic Air 2 in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. Please get in touch if it is yours, Many thanks, Bill
  2. jeremytoh

    Mavic Air Flymore Combo Unboxed

    Hi guys, I've always found it very apprehensive when flying a drone, people stare at your a lot and sometimes the authorities get a bit annoyed, despite you abiding to all the local drone rules. I think that maybe the Phantom 4 was a too loud, and even then so is the Mavic Pro. (Mavic Platinum...
  3. Lenny07

    Flying Over Melbourne, Australia

    Hi All, I'm finally getting the hang of this thing. How amazing is it when you get above the fog! This is St Patrick's spire in Melbourne on a chilly Sunday morning. PS Has anyone else rediscovered the awesomeness of finger-less gloves?
  4. ghostdrone

    Hi from Melbourne, Australia!

    G'day pilots! I'm a long time lurker first time poster. I had a Phantom 4 for a little while just before the Mavic Pro was announced, and I thought hmm I really want the Mavic Pro for the extra portability so I quickly sold my P4 & put my order down on a Mavic Pro more combo. It arrived a few...