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Oct 8, 2017
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Hi guys,

I've always found it very apprehensive when flying a drone, people stare at your a lot and sometimes the authorities get a bit annoyed, despite you abiding to all the local drone rules. I think that maybe the Phantom 4 was a too loud, and even then so is the Mavic Pro. (Mavic Platinum a little quieter). When DJI announced the Mavic Air, I thought to myself this must the be perfect drone to fly quietly and without drawing too much attention from the general public. People would just think you are just messing around with a toy.

I've just picked up one and would like to share my unboxing experience with our Mavic community. There's also some fun i had with the new Asteroid Mode from the Quickshot menu.

Thumbs up if you like it, and comment on where I can improve. It's my first time appearing in front of the camera so be gentle.
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