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dji mavic air

  1. A Maine Summer Is Ending

    A Maine Summer Is Ending

    A short video clip of autumn colors around a Maine lake . I brought my Mavic Air on my motorcycle and this time launched the Air and captured some autumn colors. I hope you enjoy this short video clip. (No it's not a commercial for motorcycles)....:)
  2. L

    Amazing Bali, DJI Mavic Air

    Hello to everyone! This is my first experience with DJI Mavic Air. I created a video and it's my first video. Please enjoy it
  3. Tolsan

    Dji Mavi Air 4K- Lago Di Garda-Lake Garda Drone Footage

    My New Video; During my visit to Italy in 2019, I visited Lake Garda. I did a drone shooting for Lake Garda and its surroundings with its magnificent nature. have a fun...
  4. R

    Thailand - Gopro + DJI Mavic Air

    Hey guys, I just made this video of my trip to Thailand, it’s all shot on GoPro and the Mavic Air. I would really appreciate it if you would spend a few minuts to check it out and maybe like and comment the video as well. Thank you so much!
  5. L

    How can I "lock on" the Mavic Air Camera to a stationary subject -like my home?

    I want to lock the camera onto my stationary home and fly simple manuevers while the camera is locked onto my home. -like flying back and away while gaining altitude and have the camera automatically "Slew" onto the front of my home -so I dont need to use the Gimbal Wheel. Or other simple...
  6. apx90

    Mavic Air COLOR GRADED with LUTs

    Hi Fellow Mavic Pilots! We're two guys interested in the world of filmmaking and photography we run a YouTube channel with film + photo tutorials, LUT packs, templates, vlogs & more! We made a compilation of MAVIC AIR footage we shot and color graded with LUTs. All of the footage was shot with...
  7. V

    Dji mavic air fly more combo brand new sealed for sale 900$

    New sealed dji mavic air fly more combo . 900$ Total 3 batteries , all other accessories
  8. Voltaic

    Strange Video Artifacts In Low Light (DJI Mavic Air)

    Hey guys! I've been a longtime lurker on these forums but this is my first post. I'll preface by saying that I've already sent an email to DJI Support but wanted to get some feedback from other users. Perhaps this is just a limitation of the tiny camera sensor in the Mavic Air and the MP4...
  9. G

    how to spend 2 days in North Wales | Mavic Air

    hey everyone, we spent a couple of days off in North Wales and needless to say the first thing we packed was our Mavic Air ! We climb mountains, ride sleighs through the valley, witness epic sunrise by a lighthouse... action packed video :p If you like it don’t forget to subscribe at the same...
  10. S

    Samsung S6 Edge Versus Samsung S6 Edge Plus

    Hi all, A pleasure having just joined! Just got my DJI Mavic Air and can't wait to put it to action. Wanted to ask which if and which one works better with the DJI Mavic Air....Samsung S6 Edge or S6 Edge+ ? Apps....DJI Go or DJI Go 4? Thanks in advance. O
  11. M

    Fraser Island - Queensland Australia 2.7K

    Hey Guys, Very new to this forum and have finally edited my first little video from my Mavic Air. Let me know what you think. Cheers,
  12. W

    Glowing propeller for DJI mavic air...Anyone seen any?

    These fancy LED props, which no doubt serious drone enthusiasts look down their noses at, look like a shedload of fun for about tens minutes. ;) Post some video of them in action when you get them. I'd be interested to see them.
  13. ShawnIde

    DJI Mavic Air in Fortnite Season 4!!

    Hey Guys... Flew the DJI Mavic Air through the new map on Fortnite. Check it out!
  14. Mad_Angler1

    Freewell Gear All Day ND Filter Set - DJI Mavic Air

    Freewell Gear have really been expanding their product range over the last year and along side the release of the DJI Mavic Air they have continued to release a range of products for this new model too including carry cases, device holders, individual ND filter and complete kits. Today we are...
  15. wawapat

    Mavic AIR Adjust ISO and SHUTTER On Remote Controller Ideas to DJI

    Original Post i did about this can be found on DJI Forum . I posted there so that dji can review it and see if they can help :-) Mavic AIR Adjust ISO and SHUTTER On Remote Controller Ideas to DJI Hello DJI As you may know many Mavic Air user are asking for a simple way to adjust ISO and...
  16. William Ball


    Little help here, I cant get the histogram to open on my screen. I slide the bar and when I go back to the main screen it is not there. I have the settings to manual and still can't get it to open.
  17. BlazeAir

    Asteroid Mode Has Taken Over My Life

    So I have been flying drones for about 3 years now. Both professionally and as a hobbiest; but seriously.. this new asteroid mode on the Mavic Air has taken things to a new level. I know I will rarely if ever use it on a job, but man... It is such a neat little feature. Anyone else having as...
  18. mjb9369

    Chance Whale Footage

    Not really a Mavic Air thread but it was done in absolute novice hands with my Mavic Air. Just wanted you guys to see the Whales. It was amazingl
  19. A

    UAV Regulation Macau

    Most Macanese drone pilots should know that in Macau if you don't have a special license it isn't legal to fly above 30m (98.5 ft). Is there any problem if someone flies above the limit (50m for example)? I'm a beginner with the "luck" of living in a place where drone rules are very strict...
  20. ShawnIde

    RYLO 360 Camera on the DJI Mavic Air

    Hey guys... I flew the RYLO 360 camera around on my DJI Mavic Air yesterday. The Mavic Air handled the extra weight like a champ. Check it out: