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mavic air unboxed

  1. M

    Just got my first drone... the Mavic Air!

    Hi everyone, I just took hold of my new Mavic Air, after a successful small flight in my garden, i took it to the New forest, in Bournemouth uk, open planes for miles!! Absolutely love this drone. I noticed when i got home that the footage was jumpy whenever the drone got back to me, so every...
  2. jeremytoh

    Mavic Air Flymore Combo Unboxed

    Hi guys, I've always found it very apprehensive when flying a drone, people stare at your a lot and sometimes the authorities get a bit annoyed, despite you abiding to all the local drone rules. I think that maybe the Phantom 4 was a too loud, and even then so is the Mavic Pro. (Mavic Platinum...