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  1. The Berry No.1 Gold Mine - Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    The Berry No.1 Gold Mine - Ballarat, Victoria Australia

    The Berry No.1 Gold Mine - Ballarat, Victoria Australia - The State's richest deep alluvial gold lead system, known as the Berry Lead System, run north from ...
  2. DJ Wes

    Flying through wires in Australia

    Has anyone flown through wires? A couple years ago, I flew one of my first, long Litchi missions. While it ended in disaster (another story), I got some incredible footage from it. One of the highlights of the mission is shown in this clip. I knew these wires were here when planning the...
  3. DJ Wes

    Another "Pop-Up" Video. This one from Australia. Beautiful colors.

    Gunbower is a small town in northern Victoria just off of the Murray River. The Gunbower creek area makes for some interesting drone footage.
  4. christangey

    Australia's Northern Territory- the "Top End"

    The latest in a series I'm doing with the M2P in HLG format, this time I head to croc country and to the backyard, the top end of my own Northern Territory.
  5. H

    Wedge Tail Eagle Mitigation

    Hi there ive just started flying a mavic 2 and live in the upper hunter NSW. The last 2 flights I have had wedge tail eagles almost take me out. Looks like pretty much any escarpment has a local one. Im not sure if they are a bit afraid of drone as they haven hit but come straight across nose...
  6. Twice_Knightly

    Traveling from Seattle to Australia Brisbane with Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey there, I'll be flying to Brisbane Australia in a few weeks and I plan to bring my Mavic 2 Pro and batts as a carry-on with my fly more bag. Not too worried about TSA giving any problems when boarding in Seattle just wondering what I should be aware of when arriving in Brisbane and going...
  7. Freddy1986

    Sydney opera house & harbour bridge

    Hi Pilots, here is my mavic pro video of Sydney! Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Thank you in advance.
  8. Robert S

    Namadgi National Park, ACT, Australia

    It may not be so well known that the ACT, Australia has some spectacular scenery. Namadji is the only national park in the ACT. Enjoy, and comments welcome!
  9. N

    Adelaide drone law

    Hey guys I am from Adelaide and I recently bought my mavic pro. I've been looking places that is legal to fly but I can't find too much information. I am aware that I can't fly in national parks but thats about it Any tips or recommendations? Cheers
  10. P

    From CASA

    Seems they've extended the notification period Extension of notification period You are receiving this email as you notified us that you intended to fly under the commercial sub 2kg drone rules. Your initial notification to us was valid for two (2) years. We’ve now increased the required...
  11. V

    Flying while sailing.

    I am starting a sailing adventure this year, sailing to the Solomon Islands. This video is of a recent shakedown cruise and a test of my new spinnaker which I filmed with my MP. Also some epic drone footage of my girl on her SUP on Fraser Island, Australia.
  12. Tone

    Dialling in Mavic Air settings ...

    I've only had the Air just over a week and have spent much of my air time so-far slowing down the sticks to my liking for smooth video and fine tuning the camera/video settings. Late evening test flight yesterday with a Pgytech ND4/PL Pro filter, much better results given the lighting conditions...
  13. Tone

    Greetings from Tasmania!

    I live on a magical triangle island at the bottom of Australia. With a background in still Photography, I started out flying UAV in 2015. A frustrating start with a Walkera Scout, many repairs eventually taught me enough to build my own F550. It flew better and reliably but it still wasn't the...
  14. N

    Rules Apply In Australia

    Hi Forum, I work for CASA in Australia. We just finished this little video to help get the word out to drone flyers that rules apply when you fly, anywhere in Australia. Please feel free to share and get back to me if you have any questions. Thanks - Nick
  15. MalM61

    Drone Registration Coming to Australia? CASA media release

    Extract from CASA media release 11 May 2018: AUSTRALIAN 11.5 P27 DRONE REGISTRATION ON REGULATION WISH LIST The potential for recreational drone users to face further regulations has increased after a report by the nation's civil aviation watchdog backed mandatory registration for gadgets...
  16. T

    Compilation from our trip to Australia

    Compilation of flights done near Hobart in Tasmania: Opossum Bay, river Derwent, Sandy Beach and last boats finishing the Sydney- Hobart sailing race. Tropical shots are from Cape Tribulation, Queensland ( nord-west from Cairns) where you can still meet the salt water crocodiles. Enjoy!!
  17. lisadoc

    An "Explosion" of Wallabies

    If you've never seen a mob of wallabies (yes, that's what a group of wallabies and kangaroos is called), here's a 360 photo of a group of them foraging in a field outside Cairns, Australia. Looks like a bomb went off and wallaby shrapnel went everywhere. The great thing about the Mavic is that...
  18. jeremytoh

    Mavic Air Flymore Combo Unboxed

    Hi guys, I've always found it very apprehensive when flying a drone, people stare at your a lot and sometimes the authorities get a bit annoyed, despite you abiding to all the local drone rules. I think that maybe the Phantom 4 was a too loud, and even then so is the Mavic Pro. (Mavic Platinum...
  19. Hedwig

    Australian adventure (my first drone flight)

    Hey guys, Just joined the community and I am extremely excited about becoming a pro drone pilot. Soon this year I will begin an Australian adventure around the continent with my drone. Need to prepare for that! SO...Sharing my FIRST EVER TRY with a drone (had a 10 min practice near the ground...
  20. S

    Dirt Biking on a Volcano, Mountain Biking in New Zealand, Skiing in Japan - 2017 Drone/Gopro Reel

    This video documents my 2017 in 3 minutes (I know that’s a lot to ask for in the age of decreasing attention spans but it's well worth it I promise!). The year consisted of chasing winters in summer, chasing summers in winter, pursing my passions (obsessions) of bike riding, skiing and general...