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  1. hyperion_droneography

    Mini Sydney Video

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over here
  2. hyperion_droneography

    Sydney Mavic Mini

    Hey Everyone, You can check out my finest drone clips 2020 in Sydney, Australia over HERE Follow my Instagram HERE for cinematic drone photos Feedback would be appreciated
  3. Q

    Air 2s IS that a LIZARD? 🇦🇺 Middle of NOWHERE | 5K Darwin [2021]

    Some say this painting was done thousands of years ago from a wanderer looking for water. Others say it was painted last week by Jonesy on his way back from the pub. [latitude: -13.658228] [longitude: 131.678178] Location on Google Maps: 13°39'29.6"S 131°40'41.4"E · National Highway 1...
  4. N

    Air 2 Is this the biggest C you have ever seen?

    Sylvania Waters, Sydney Australia. Mavic Air 2. IG: @itsdavesdrone
  5. Q

    Air 2 DJI AIR 2S 🇦🇺”STREET ART 🖌” | 5K Darwin [2021]

    An unexpected surprise when wandering Darwin's city streets is the murals that adorn the walls of our laneways. The Darwin Street Art Festival was launched in 2017 as an initiative by Northern Territory Major Events Company, supported and funded by the Northern Territory Government. The Darwin...
  6. SkyeHigh

    2 Pro Australian Silo Art

    What do you do with a giant plain white grain silo? Well, paint it of course. Silo Art has taken off big time in Australia especially in Western Australia and South Australia but more are appearing throughout Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. Drive trails are becoming increasingly...
  7. N

    Air 2 Some recent shots with my MA2 around Sydney, Australia

    Just some recent shots I have taken with my Mavic Air 2. Hope you like them! Find more on my instagram:
  8. Q

    Air 2 DJI Air 2S Sunset | Darwin 🇦🇺 5K [2021]

    Another fantastic sunset from Darwin, Australia.
  9. Q

    Air 2 Air 2S - Darwin Cenotaph, Australia

    🛩DJI Air 2S | 🇦🇺Darwin Cenotaph | 5K [2021] The Darwin Cenotaph commemorates those from the Northern Territory who served in conflicts in which Australia has been involved. The centotaph lists the names of those who have died in service or been killied in action, with those from World War One...
  10. Q

    Air 1 We come from a Land Down Under 🇦🇺 | 4K [2021]

    Something a little bit different and playing on that we live down under. Sorry its in the YouTube "shorts" format which is vertical but hope you follow along.
  11. Robert S

    Platinum Farmstay on NSW South Coast, Australia

    From a recent farmstay on the NSW South Coast. Experience so far is that owners are very happy to have drones flown on their property - especially if you share your footage with them. Shot with Mavic Platinum and Osmo Pocket (using extension rod mainly).
  12. Robert S

    Platinum Horse Head, Camel rock, NSW, Australia

    An epic location. There were 20+ still photographers that morning in this location but no drones. All left after the sunrise leaving us to ourselves.
  13. F

    MA2 found South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia

    Hi, I found a Mavic Air 2 in South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia. Please get in touch if it is yours, Many thanks, Bill
  14. N

    Air 2 Summer paradise...

    Just some shots taken with my MA2 over the weekend around Nelson Bay and Hawks Nest in Australia. Make sure you add me on insta if you're into these here: Cheers!
  15. N

    Air 2 Sea Cliff Bridge, Sydney Australia

    3 shot HDR merge. Add me on Insta!
  16. Q

    Air 1 Sandy Creek WWII Observation Post - Darwin Australia

    The WWII Observation Post at Sandy Creek at the Casuarina Coastal Reserve was built between 1939-1941 during the build-up of defence installations in Darwin, Australia.
  17. Fishman Dan

    Hastings Point - NSW Far north coast (Australia)

    I travelled into the NSW/QLD 'Bubble' on the Far North NSW Coast to play footy yesterday, and took a moment after the match to head out to Hastings Point. A beautiful winters day on the north coast - temperature approaching the mid-20's, a gentle sea breeze, not a cloud in the sky and the...
  18. Joe Foreman

    Shipping Docks of Melbourne Aus in 4k60p

    Hey fellow Mavic Pilots! I'd like to share my latest video of a compilation of shots of a few different days filming over Melbourne's shipping docks and yards. All footage was captured in 4k60p on the mighty little Mavic Air, 2 apart from the Hyperlapses. Hope you enjoy this unique perspective...
  19. Q

    East Point Military Precinct, Darwin Australia with the DJI Mavic Air

    East Point Military Precinct, located just 10 minutes from Darwin CBD, has several military structures that are listed in the Register of the National Estate. Forming a pivotal part of Australia’s military history, East Point was the home of Australia’s last major fortress. It continues to be a...
  20. Q

    Satellite City BMX Club (Mavic Air) Darwin, Australia