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  1. Soar Like an Eagle

    Metadata into video files

    Hello people, in few days I'll receive the Mavic Air 2. I'd like to know, please, if someone can help me answer a simple question: are there some metadata regarding the position, speed etc, into the video file that drone takes? I mean, when I fly and record a video from the drone, what I get? An...
  2. D

    Mavic Video Comments utility?

    Is anyone aware of a utility that can parse the video comments file? I’m getting tired of manually keeping track of ISO, Shutter Speed, EV, etc. recently I’ve started using the Video Comments. It’s great because you can just shoot and not think about it. However, the Video Comments are stored...
  3. Chirp

    How to show metadata on video

    I have not needed to do this until now. I would like to have altitude, GPS coordinates, and maybe more show overlayed on the main video screen. I think it's really simple but it is escaping me at the moment. I used to do it on my P2 but not the MP yet. Please assist! Thank You...