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  1. jarborra

    DJI Mavic Air "becomes" AH64

    So I had a little fun with this... Was editing some drone footage from this summer when I stumbled across these clips of my kids and their cousins playing in the hills above our summer house in Mormors hage (literally "Grandma's meadow"). With some overlays, sound effects and radio traffic, my...
  2. C

    Magnetic Interfence with Compass

    Hey guys, I’ve had my Mavic Air for about a month and it’s worked great so far and have only had to calibrate the compass about 3-4 times. Last weekend I took it to the beach for the first time and tried to fly it but the compass kept saying there was magnetic interference. I just got an...
  3. Marco Cantieni

    Abandoned post-industrial site

    The odd feeling of an abandoned post-industrial site. That’s the Hornisgrinde, the highest mountain in the Northern Black Forest of Germany. I was able to catch this place in a fantastic cloudy condition. Have fun watching! History: Prior to WW2 used as a popular tourist spot 1942 confiscated...
  4. DroneTone

    Military-Style Mavic -Snipe Nano UAS

    Here's an interesting link to AeroVironment, a UAS maker and supplier to the military. Check out their Snipe Nano UAS, looks quite a bit like a Mavic... Visit Aerovironment Inc.