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missing drone

  1. RayKelly

    Tip on Find My Drone Feature

    I have had the Air 2S since it was released. I finally tried the Find My Drone feature on my Air 2S. Luckily, I did not have to use just wanted to try it. All drone pilots should practise using it before you really have to use it to findyour missing drone. Here's a short video on it's use.
  2. D

    Help find lost Mavic Pro - Flight Log missing final moments

    Hi crew, Looking for some help on how to find my missing DJI Mavic Pro drone. I was out filming at a wedding venue on Saturday, 10th December with my DJI Mavic Pro at a vineyard when my phone lost visual feed with the drone whilst in the air. During these moments the battery quickly depleted...
  3. L

    Found Drone in Algarve

    We found a drone in Algarve If someone is missing the drone guy please send a message with details. Thank you!
  4. R

    Mavic Air and DJI Goggles: super bad luck

    Hi Guys, I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro). Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded. Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times. Then after ca...
  5. inca

    Help request for missing Mavic

    I have been in touch with DJI regarding my lost Mavic. I hoped DJI would provide me tips to locate drone, but the info provided did not add too much to what I could see on my screen. Perhaps this forum could help me. My log is here: Airdata UAV - Flight Data Analysis for Drones Here is what...