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Sep 9, 2018
Hi Guys,

I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro).
Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded.
Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times.

Then after ca. 15 minutes the Low Battery RTH warning in 10 seconds appeared on the screen of goggles. I cancelled for shooting the last panorama and then pressed the Smart RTH button on RC. Guess what happened?

Instead of landing on my Pad it went into the pretty deep forest, 50-70 m behind me and that was just after I took off the goggles. When I heard interaction with some branches it was too late.
Well, guess what happened then?

I tried to search for Mavic using "Find My Drone", but the DJI GO 4 showed me the last position when RC was plugged into iPhone...
When I realized that it is the wrong position, the battery went down and there was no chance to Enable Indicator Flashing and Sound Alert.

That is not the end of bad luck. I tried to evaluate the flight record and there are only iPhone sections. The parts that I flown with DJI Goggles are not recorded in the DJI Go App. I retrieved logs from RC but they are encrypted, also synced DJI Goggles logs.

I have been looking for the Aircraft whole week since Sept 3rd. No sign of it. Deep forest. Most likely
upper branches of a tree...

The case is currently under investigation of DJI data analysis team (usually takes 2-4 days).

The entire situation made me so helpless..
I lost and found my Mavic Pro couple of times before but that little guy made me so confused...

If anyone of you has an idea, pls. let me know.


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