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find my drone go4 app dji goggles

  1. R

    Mavic Air and DJI Goggles: super bad luck

    Hi Guys, I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro). Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded. Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times. Then after ca...
  2. flynsign

    DJI Goggles: Are ALL the features of Go4 app going to work with these?

    I know a lot of folks are using the DJI goggles without a phone or tablet as the goggles pretty much replicates Go4 app, but how many of the Go4 app features are NOT available when using just the goggles with the controller alone (no device)? In particular, I was thinking of the new "find my...