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fly away

  1. T

    Learning about Mavic Air.

    Hello everyone, I am buying a new mavic air drone next month, and at this moment I am learning as much as I can about its controls, settings, features etc through tutorials. The only thing that worries me is that fly away problem. Does it often happen? Is it because of wind? No GPS connection...
  2. A

    Looking for help to figure out a Fly-away.

    Fortunately it had a happy ending and I recovered the drone after wading into thick brush and getting very cut up. I had only flown the drone a short distance above me and in front of me, when it suddenly flew forward about 20 to 30 yards, didn't seem to respond to the sticks and the RTH button...
  3. R

    Mavic Air and DJI Goggles: super bad luck

    Hi Guys, I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro). Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded. Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times. Then after ca...
  4. N

    Near loss in Atti mode (flyaway)

    Problem? Not sure why it switched out of GPS mode into ATTI mode after pressing RTH button Was unit in a crash? no What have you tried so far?: reading about ATTI Mode What device are you using? ipad mini 4 What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app...
  5. I

    Concerns over firmware

    I bought my AIR a while back and was immediately spooked by the comments that seemed to suggest the firmware was flakey. I did the dilligent thing and watched lots of videos on how not to lose the drone. I've had the drone out just 3 times and flown for all of 20 mins. During this time I've...
  6. S

    New Mavic Air almost flyaway.

    Hello! I have been using DJI products for about 4 years now and I have never had this happen... This is a brand new Mavic air, about 2 days old. I had done a recent compass calibration and had flown about 6 other batteries on the same day with no issue. Tonight, I had flown out about 3500 feet...
  7. G

    Flyaway, over water, crash and... warranty replacement!

    I thought I’d share my first flyaway experience. Having flown everything from tiny training aircraft through to AscTec Falcon 8’s and heavy lift Octa’s both personally and commercially for about 7 years in 15 countries, I’m very lucky to have only had 1 major crash, my fault, lost orientation...
  8. A

    DJI Mavic Air - FLY AWAY!

    Hi everyone, Until a few weeks ago, I was the lucky owner of a brand new DJI Mavic Air. But some days ago, I had the bad luck to live a FLY AWAY with my drone and was unable to find it back... which is a shame because I benefit from the DJI Care Refresh insurance. I immediately contacted the...
  9. L

    Crash during auto take-off

    I have a new Mavic Pro drone. After calibrating the compass and IMU I flew it successfully for the first time yesterday. Today, after updating the firmware and Fly Safe databases I tried to fly the drone again in a location about 300 metres from the first location. The grass was a little long...
  10. S

    Mavic took off and had no control

    Flying my Mavic pro in very remote location and had one successful flight without any problems. A short time later, took off about 500m away and rose to 30m. Mavic started drifting out to sea. Controller would not respond, except for up/down. Tried switching to sports mode on controller and...
  11. gjmphoto

    How real is the fear of Fly Aways?

    I'm a new flyer with an MPP since the middle of December. Given the weather in the NY area, I'm reading more than I'm flying. However, so far, all of my flights have been an absolute pleasure and I've experienced total control. I'm a photographer and I love the added dimension of aerial...
  12. L

    Lost drone in maldives - help needed

    Hello So as the title says. After a good couple of long flights around the island was trying to get a straight shot and lost connection at just 1500 ft .the map shows me in the ocean but that's land where it took of from it's how maldives is .I got the RTH going as soon as I saw something...
  13. D

    Mavic Flying Up By Itself

    Hello all, I purchased the mavic from a seller. I got a great deal but I have been having some issues. I am going to stay grounded until I can get some advice. Sometimes the mavic flys perfect but most of the time I am having an issue. When I do a manual take of everything is ok. I get up to...
  14. H

    Magnetic Interference caused Mavic to fly off on its own.

    Yesterday afternoon I was flying my Mavic, trying to put together a video for a friend of a golf course. The golf course was built on top of a field beside an old smelter and there is a lot of slag, metallic, rock waste in the area. (It was actually built on top of the stuff.) I have flown my...
  15. C

    Was this my fault?

    I lost my drone about a week after I bought it. I posted to this forum the night it happened giving the flight info and everthing. When I woke up the next morning to go find it there had been an overwhelming show of support and help. I the drone was recovered and it was amazing! 5 days ago my...
  16. TrayBoz

    Have you ever crashed your Mavic?

    Please check all that apply. An Act of God/Nature: Birds, some freak accident that was NOT pilot error OR DJI malfunction. Major damage: Something besides basic prop replacement was required. An actual repair was required by you or someone else DJI Malfunction: Clearly a problem with the...
  17. A

    Mavic does RTH without GPS signal!!!

    Hello everybody... I found out something very strange today... It looks like that Mavic will RTH EVEN WITHOUT GPS!!! That's a reason for fly-aways... Where (and HOW) does Mavic go without GPS??? What happened: Normally I take off and land indoors, without GPS, without any issues... I take off...
  18. P

    Ready to Fly captain

    My mavic pilot pro It is a very professional machine, great video quality and photo by my my mavic pilot. This is amazing machine.
  19. Aidyheaney

    Warning IMU heading exception in flight please switch to Atti mode

    had a crash with my mavic it was 200ft up and 400ft away in LOS at all times I banked right and the warning came up lost gps Atti mode then another warning IMU heading exception in flight switch to Atti mode if craft behaves abnormally (using) to with I had no input on the sticks it took of on...
  20. N

    Please help me figure out what happened

    Hi, I'm new to drone flying and had a very strange experience with my Mavic the second day I took it out. I'm hoping someone can help me figure out what happened. I'm ok if the answer is pilot error, but if so, I'd like to know what I did to prevent it happening again. Here's what happened...