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fly away

  1. I

    Mini 3 Pro Fly Away After Signal Loss

    Hi guys, I was flying my Mini 3 pro at night in a highly urban Area (Jakarta). It had already lost signal to the controller and then started to return to home automatically. It regained signal for a second and the last thing I saw was a tall building in front of it (about 80m away). It then lost...
  2. T

    Mavic Pro 2 Almost Disaster with Latest FW

    I have been flying drones for about 5 years now. I do it professionally for real estate. I have flown thousands of times. This has never happened so I figured I would share what are likely my mistakes with others, but also ask what I should do in the future should it happen again. I have MP2...
  3. A

    Mavic Air started fly away

    Hello guys, after 2 years of flights my Mavic Air attempted to fly away... Actually the problem started from very begining. The AC said that it cannot take off. I've checked that I'm not in NFZ. Switched it off, re-checked battery (pull and put it again), and restarted AC. After those actions...
  4. Area 8

    Guessing game.

    I'm looking for guesses as to how many fly away or crashed drones are unclaimed sitting out there? I'll start the guess at 500k. 2 are mine. Obviously I don't have an answer. I'm just looking for opinions. Fly safe pilots!
  5. Quick1

    Mavic Air flew off, accelerated and smashed in to a wall at nearly 40mph!

    I have had my Mavic Air since it first came out and have used it many times with very few issues until yesterday. I have not used it for 3 months and charged the battery up fully. Went to my local beach to fly it where there is a lot of wide open space. I placed it down on a big flat concrete...
  6. E90RAW


    First I will start out that this was COMPLETELY my fault. That said, I was at the beach recently, winds on the ground at 10-15MPH from the east, This was the speed up to 1000 feet. I had looked up the data and knew this ahead of time. Utilizing all the lessons from other pilots here(except for...
  7. G

    Yet another mini flies away (help needed)

    Hello guys, Unfortunately my little buddy left me yesterday. I wanted only to take a few shots and land it but until I release what is happening it was too late. I have been searching for few hours without any luck. I'm uploading the file logs I'm looking forward for any suggestions where it...
  8. m80116

    Why I do believe there's a HUGE problem with the Mavic Mini - Flew AWAY the 2nd day

    Hello, I am m80(116) new drone and forum user from Italy. I am writing here because I've lost my Mavic Mini after the 2nd day of ownership. This is by far one of the most embarrassing accident I've ever had in 2019 and one that I feel can't really be blamed for... I went through a month of...
  9. G

    Mavic Mini Flew Away

    Hi - Pretty new to flying the Mavic Mini and was hoping to get some help analyzing what I did wrong or if there was something wrong with my actual Mavic Mini when I flew it recently. Here's the flight path: DJI Flight Log Viewer - I launched the drone with 10 satellites, set...
  10. T

    Mavic Air flew away and crashed.

    Hello guys, how you doing? First of all I apologize for my english. Today I was flying my Mavic Air to take some pictures 4 meters above of me and suddenly it got speed and flew away crashing into a building nearby and landed in a parking lot. While it flew away I didnt have any response from...
  11. theoaristi53

    Learning about Mavic Air.

    Hello everyone, I am buying a new mavic air drone next month, and at this moment I am learning as much as I can about its controls, settings, features etc through tutorials. The only thing that worries me is that fly away problem. Does it often happen? Is it because of wind? No GPS connection...
  12. A

    Looking for help to figure out a Fly-away.

    Fortunately it had a happy ending and I recovered the drone after wading into thick brush and getting very cut up. I had only flown the drone a short distance above me and in front of me, when it suddenly flew forward about 20 to 30 yards, didn't seem to respond to the sticks and the RTH button...
  13. R

    Mavic Air and DJI Goggles: super bad luck

    Hi Guys, I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro). Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded. Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times. Then after ca...
  14. N

    Near loss in Atti mode (flyaway)

    Problem? Not sure why it switched out of GPS mode into ATTI mode after pressing RTH button Was unit in a crash? no What have you tried so far?: reading about ATTI Mode What device are you using? ipad mini 4 What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)? newest What Go app...
  15. I

    Concerns over firmware

    I bought my AIR a while back and was immediately spooked by the comments that seemed to suggest the firmware was flakey. I did the dilligent thing and watched lots of videos on how not to lose the drone. I've had the drone out just 3 times and flown for all of 20 mins. During this time I've...
  16. S

    New Mavic Air almost flyaway.

    Hello! I have been using DJI products for about 4 years now and I have never had this happen... This is a brand new Mavic air, about 2 days old. I had done a recent compass calibration and had flown about 6 other batteries on the same day with no issue. Tonight, I had flown out about 3500 feet...
  17. G

    Flyaway, over water, crash and... warranty replacement!

    I thought I’d share my first flyaway experience. Having flown everything from tiny training aircraft through to AscTec Falcon 8’s and heavy lift Octa’s both personally and commercially for about 7 years in 15 countries, I’m very lucky to have only had 1 major crash, my fault, lost orientation...
  18. A

    DJI Mavic Air - FLY AWAY!

    Hi everyone, Until a few weeks ago, I was the lucky owner of a brand new DJI Mavic Air. But some days ago, I had the bad luck to live a FLY AWAY with my drone and was unable to find it back... which is a shame because I benefit from the DJI Care Refresh insurance. I immediately contacted the...
  19. L

    Crash during auto take-off

    I have a new Mavic Pro drone. After calibrating the compass and IMU I flew it successfully for the first time yesterday. Today, after updating the firmware and Fly Safe databases I tried to fly the drone again in a location about 300 metres from the first location. The grass was a little long...
  20. S

    Mavic took off and had no control

    Flying my Mavic pro in very remote location and had one successful flight without any problems. A short time later, took off about 500m away and rose to 30m. Mavic started drifting out to sea. Controller would not respond, except for up/down. Tried switching to sports mode on controller and...