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flight records

  1. N

    MA2 Flight Data Center -- no records?

    In Fly app: Profile > More brings up Flight Data Center. I see Total Distance 170 km, Total Flight Time 27.2 h and Total Flights 252. But nothing displays below the heading row containing Date Distance Altitude Duration and All Aircraft. In other words there are no flight records, just the...
  2. H

    Drone deploy flight logs

    I've just started using drone deploy on my Mavic Pro and am wondering if you can get flight records from these flights onto your DJI record so I know total time and distance flown. Amy help would be greatly appreciated
  3. R

    Mavic Air and DJI Goggles: super bad luck

    Hi Guys, I experienced super bad luck. That was a very nice spin as I did hundreds before (mainly with Mavic Pro). Strong GPS signal (16 satellites), Home Point recorded. Sunny day, so I've been switching iPhone - DJI Goggles for better framing and again a couple of times. Then after ca...
  4. M

    HELP - Sync Flight Records without using DJI servers

    I have controlled my Mavic Air with 3 different mobile devices - iPhone 6, iPad Mini 2, and iPad - with flight records scattered across the three. How can I bring them all together to the new iPad, WITHOUT syncing to the DJI servers? I have backups of all 3 devices on my laptop, done with...
  5. S

    NOOB question about DJI GO app flight records

    When I watch my flight in the Flight Records section of the app, I see the telemetry along the top of the screen. On the right is an icon that looks like a stack of papers. This allows one to select map, satellite, or hybrid view. Below that is a vertical bar with tick marks along it and a round...
  6. E

    Help with .dat file

    Hello everyone! I am still very new when it comes to deciphering .dat files and was wondering if someone could help me.. I took my Mavic Pro out to Stillwater yesterday and flew over the new Hwy 36 bridge connecting to Wisconsin. I had the Mavic about 7000 ft away, could still see the drone...
  7. Joymaker

    How to sync flight records?

    I am sending DJI a repair request and crash report. The repair request page asks me to "sync flight records" and offers a video which shows how to do it for DJI Go which looks completely different from DJI Go 4. Please, would somebody show me in detail how to find the Sync Flight Records button...
  8. N

    dji go 4 apps crashes when playing back flight records

    Hi, every time I replay last fight (or touch anything in flight recorder) the DJI go 4 app crashed on my iPhone X. Does anyone else have this issue? can the fights data/recorder be viewed elsewhere? I want to view some logs of how the flight went from a technical side not just from the...
  9. marklyn

    Litchi: mission data from route very different from programmed actual route!?

    I set up a Litchi mission for my Mavic in the mission hub for an 18+ minute run around a lake (see attachment-missionhub.png). The video taken of the entire route confirms for me that the Mavic completed the full route but the Airdata UAV site and the data from the flight logs show a much...
  10. KBerrah

    Mavic Pro Flight statistics on laptop. Possible ?

    Hi MP pilots, still discovering the DJI GO 4 app features and wondering how can I get back my flight statistics and record on my laptop. There is a fuzzy "Sync to DJI Cloud" logo, pushing you # flights and distance to DJI cloud, but I'm more interested in looking at at my flight routes on my...
  11. C

    Any tool that allows flight playback from flight log?

    Does anyone know of a tool that allows you to play back the flight from a flight log similar to what the DJI GO 4 app does in the flight records page? I'd like to view it on a bigger screen like my computer.
  12. Skydog

    Mavic Files - Location and Types

    Does anybody know of a resource that details all of the types of files and their location and purpose? I'm particularly interested in which files would be useful to the common flier vs the unix/linux type person. For Example 1. SD Card on Mavic - DNG, JPG image files, and MOV/MP4 video files...