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  1. V

    DJI Mavic Mini | Sanibel Lighthouse

  2. V

    Crashed, purchased new gimbal, gimbal has the shakes.

    Hello everybody! New drone operator here. Bought a refurbished unit from the DJI website. I got a little arrogant and crashed my drone. Pretty big impact. Destroyed the gimbal. I ordered a replacement gimbal off of ebay and installed it myself. When I start up the drone, I am able to connect...
  3. desertvet38

    Ships And Other Stuff Around The Bay

    These are some ships and other things I've taken from my Mavic Pro 2 around Tampa Bay. I was mostly concentrating on my transitions with the beat of the music. So...critique away (nicely please)… Safe flying! :-)
  4. m80116

    NightFly - a Mavic Mini CinePATHIC Night clip

    OK, here's a CinePATHIC Mavic Mini short movie clip, entirely shot with the little critter and put together using my usual cursing and misery resources. 1080p 29.97fps worked directly on memory card, old fashion disk drive and 2013 editing software. Most footage is shot at 25 fps and sped up to...
  5. maohmc

    El Cortijo del Palmar

    Cortijo del Palmar is a place about 30 Km from Cali, Colombia on the road that connects Cali with Buenaventura on the Pacific Coast. It is on the Western mountain chain. The video was edited using VSDC . The video was shot with a Mavic Air using 25 fps an ISO of 100 and 1/80 (I did not have my...
  6. m80116

    Mavic Mini does the PANO shots (IT) [IMG]

    Okay... opening this thread with the best intention to populate it with a bunch of Panoramic views captured with the little being. Today me and my critter have risen up to 75m to capture the series of shot necessary for this short Panoramic composition of a small Italian town during the...
  7. desertvet38

    "Illovo River" Bulk Carrier Ship, Tampa

    This beautiful 590' bulk carrier ship, "Illovo River" was moored in Gibsonton, right off Tampa Bay and the Alafia River, so I just had to make the short drive to get my drone in the air and take some 2.7k, 30fps video, and pictures of her. My DJI Mavic 2 Pro rocks!
  8. D

    European Mavic Mini in Japan

    Hey there! First a small introduction: I just registered in the forum because I will be in the "intelligent" drones world very soon and I was reading quite a lot the forum until I decided to register in order to ask you some advice in the following: I'll be a very soon owner of a Mavic Mini...
  9. Jess Zpa

    Canal bridge Le Guétin above l'Allier [Mavic Mini]

    Not a common infrastructure that they built in 19th century. Main purpose was to allow the crossing of this wild river: l'Allier in France
  10. L

    Mavic Air

    My new bird came today. Can't wait to set it up and get in the Air. 👍✈
  11. L

    Newbie to forum

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm waiting on my very 1st Mavic to arrive in the mail from amazon. I decided to join this forum to get great advice and ideas on using my new Mavic. I look forward to being here.
  12. Mike0909

    How DJI Drones Help Fight the Coronavirus in China

    Recently I read some news about DJI deploying drones to help combat the Coronavirus from getting expansive. I thought it would be meaningful to share the stories here as sometimes drones can really become life-saving tools. Disinfection DJI has sent a volunteer team to disinfect the main...

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi there I own a Mavic 2 Pro since last summer and since that time I am working on a drone hyperlapse of my hometown at night. In the meantime I published my first drone hyperlapse of the Winter Alps here. *** My status: Total flight time: 52 Hr Flight distance: 340'683m Total flights: 179
  14. Proffy

    260 Feet tall WW2 Memorial!

    Monument to the Liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the German Fascist Invaders is a memorial complex in Victory Park, Riga, Latvia erected in 1985 to commemorate the Soviet Army's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. It was designed by sculptors Lev Bokovsky and Aivars Gulbis. The...

    Drone hyperlapse in the winter alps

    Info: I took single RAW images on an interval of 2 sec. Edited in Lightroom and LRtimelapse:
  16. S

    Return to Home Error

    Hey Guys! I just got the Mavic Air yesterday. I tried to fly it today and every time I press the Return to home button, it Gets pretty close to where I landed, and then hovers on top of things: trees, chairs. And then I get a notification that it says “not suitable for landing”. I just don’t...
  17. B

    DJI Mavic Mini lost connection - Failsafe RTH not working - crashed into the water.

    My DJI Mavic Mini crashed into the water for no reason - 25 january 2020. I've found this video in the cache of my smartphone. The first error was about sd card malfunction and 5 seconds later an error about losing connection appeares. Failsafe RTH didn't work, a sudden movement in the air and...
  18. J

    Buying a Mavic Pro with 10.5 hours of flight time on it. Should I be concerned?

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the Mavic Pro community and have flown phantoms for awhile now. I'm looking at purchasing a Used Mavic Pro Drone with roughly 10.5 hours of flight time on it and 128 flights total. Should I be concerned with the wear and tear on it? Or should I have a decent life...
  19. A

    Mavic Mini: Landing gear.

    Dear friends! Unboxing, installation. Thanks for watching! Features: 1. Specially designed for Mac mini. 2. To prevent dirt or damage when removing or landing 3. Extending the position to prevent tipping during takeoff/landing to eliminate possible safety hazards. 4. Undamaged installation...
  20. joshmentele

    SOLD DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Extras -- $495 or best offer

    Up for sale is a DJI Mavic Pro with all original accessories. I am including one extra battery and a case with the drone. Everything in the pictures is what you get. Includes: Drone body x2 Batteries Remote control x4 Propellers Battery Charger Carrying Case The drone was involved in a crash...