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  1. CemAygun

    Static (grounded) camera stability problem...

    I posted this in the DJI MA forum couple of days ago but could not get any replies. I just wanted to try my luck here, in case there is a solution: Couple of days back I was out for some sunset videos with my camera when I realized that I forgot all my batteries home. I already had the MA in...
  2. thaeion

    Chasing "FeRriEs" in the Dark!!!

    Would you like to see something special? Chasing "Ferries" in the Dark??? Let's do it... Enjoy and Share!
  3. Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Khobar - Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
  4. Al- Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Al- Khobar Cornich in Saudi Arabia

    Eastern Provence in Saudi Arabia
  5. H

    Video from Norway (noise?)

    Hey guys! Just finished my video from traveling around in Norway. I did experience noise/grain in some pictures, but haven't really figured out a solution to the problem. Mostly shot on cinestyle with settings +1, 0, 0. Any suggestions to why the noise appears?
  6. M

    Last Wedding of the Year Ft. Mavic 2 Pro

    The last wedding of the year from me. It's been a decent year, really happy with the opportunities to be involved with quite a few different couple's weddings. Only a couple shots are mavic, apologise, enjoy anyway! Filmned with: - Zhiyun Crane Plus - DJI Ronin-S - Sony A7RIII - Sony A7III -...
  7. S

    DJI Mavic Pro bundle for sale (UK)

    Genuine DJI Mavic Pro drone for sale with great accessories. I am selling due to wanting an upgrade. Drone has low flight hours and has had no crashes. It has always been kept in one of the boxes when not in use to look after it and keep it away from dust. The following is for sale in the...
  8. SoCalDude

    Mavic's Precision Landing? Pffft!

    Mavic's Precision landing? Pfft! THIS is real precision landing f(rom this morning's launch)...
  9. Nike SB Skate Free

    Nike SB Skate Free

  10. Odoug04

    What is good camera bag to use with my DJI gear?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a good weatherproof camera bag backpack that would fit My Mavic, Osmo mobile 2 and conventional DSLR along with various other accessories. This is my main setup when it comes to filmmaking and I really need a bag to carry it all in.
  11. Chalkidiki, Greece!!

    Chalkidiki, Greece!!

    Loved spending one of the best summers in the breathtaking Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece! Hope you enjoy watching it and it inspires you to visit the region...
  12. J

    can any one help. might of bricked my drone doing a roll back

    hi new to the forum and praying some one can help me. ive just followed digdat0,s guide to roll back the firmware and change the perimeters but i made a mistake and didnt realise i was ment to add an internal sd card i tried to flash it twice both times stopped at 82percent then it would no...
  13. G

    Palms Place 4K | Las Vegas, NV

    Subscribe to my youtube channel here Jeff B
  14. G

    My Youtube channel with my Mavic Pro footage

    I have numerous DJI Mavic Pro drone videos as well as some 3DR Solo footage on my youtube channel check it out and let me know what you think. I'm trying to grow my channel please subscribe. I will subscribe back. Thanks. Jeff B
  15. highondrone

    Guys I need you Opinion Please !

    Hi guys, I'm High on Drone. I've just started to do photography with drones and I want to have your opinion on my contents. Just take a on my profil on Instagram, I don't ask to much. @highondrone (Instagram) or High On Drone (@highondrone) • Instagram photos and videos Thank you in advance and...
  16. Will Falcon

    MavicPro vs Mavic2 Zoom - 29.97 (30) ? One of them is slower than another.

    The same settings, the same codec h264, the same WB (custom 6000K), the same framerate (30fps, 29.97), the same iso 200, the same conditions, hi-speed memory cards etc. But! Two footages cyncronized at start and are not syncronized at the end, and first of them is lagging as you can see here...
  17. D

    Mavic Pro Platinum with Accessories

  18. TheDenimac

    Autumn in Yorkshire

    We have been having some beautiful weather here in Yorkshire over the past few days, so I just had to get out flying and take some video. One scary moment though, when a flock of birds took a dislike to my drone....lol. https://vimeo.com/user9326730/review/296287058/77d31bbed7
  19. quadroger

    Hyperlapse Night and Day - Mavic 2 Zoom

    Hyperlapse Night and Day - Mavic 2 Zoom Taipei Guting Riverside Park with DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
  20. Fitzmac17

    First few shots w/mav air

    First Few shots with the new toy (mav air) Lots of learning to do... any tips, cc would be appreciated.. I hope to share and learn from all of u