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  1. Y

    Air 2 Cala Millor, Mallorca Night Shots (Long Exposure) - with Mavic Air 2

    Hey! I have been experimenting with long exposure and smart photo during the evening/night with my Mavic Air 2! If you could give me some feedback that would be awesome! Late Evening Shots (Cala Millor & Sa Coma)
  2. A

    Proof of Concept - Connecting to WiFi Drone through 4G

    Hello Hardware and Software Pilots and Hackers. I was pretty impressed by the recent news of the Parrot Anafi AI drone as well as the new DJI Mavic 3 drone supporting flight over 4G. Despite hardware and software limitations including latency, they have made this work. I always thought that...
  3. Y

    Concerned about AirportAvoidLanding! How can I avoid it?

    Hello! I fly my drone in Mallorca Spain, in the area that doesn't have any no-fly zones nearby (at least 20 km around me) but in December for Christmas I'm going to Alicante, Spain that does have all types of no-fly zones, authorization zones, warning, class D and other stuff. I heard stories...
  4. M

    Magic Air 2 suddenly started to “tilt” whilst turning

    Hello everybody, Unfortunately my Air 2 has suddenly started to tilt massively when turning left or right (see attached clip). I have calibrated gimbal and IMU. Does anyone have any idea? Have I accidentally turned on a weird option...
  5. Divine

    Mini Top Down Beach Shot At Sydney Australia 🇦🇺

    Malabar Beach, Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 Follow me on Insta ⬆️
  6. 3

    USB C Hub on GCS iPad

    Has anyone ever used a USB C hub (like the one linked below) with their iPad GCS while flying? I need to have HDMI out capability while flying my Mavics and don't really want to spring for a SC or CS. If no direct experience, I do accept postulations. Thanks...
  7. Y

    How many times / batteries do you fly a week?

    Hey! I was just wondering how many times you fly a week! I normally fly between 10 and 20 times a week! What about you?
  8. RayKelly

    Air 2s Drone Meetup at Psychiatric Center in Kings Park, N.y

    Nice meetup with great guys flying FPV and GPS drones at the abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center. https://
  9. eEridani

    DJI Fly app - UI positions

    On my Smart Controller connected to my Air 2 - the lower left corner is where the map, compass and collision tiles start. Tap to select which. The map can be minimized. The collision tile seems to only toggle. I see many videos with this collision tile lower center. And to me it makes sense to...
  10. E

    Purchasing my first drone

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase my first drone by purchasing something not expensive and will entertain my needs for a while. Call me cheap but I am trying not to go over $400 but will tolerate $450. As of right now I am looking at the new DJI Mini SE and Mini 2. I am contemplating...
  11. S

    Mavic Mini Crashed into the water (video and flight log included)

    Hello, I bought a Mavic Mini one year ago, and until now I had no issues and was so happy with its performance, but the other day I just lost control of it while flying and it crashed into the water. I don't know what happened, it was flying like always and then suddenly it started losing...
  12. Divine

    ND Filter Mavic Mini

    What are some good ND filters for the Mavic Mini?
  13. Divine

    Mavic Mini Randomly Flies Away

    Hey Everybody, So I was flying my Mavic mini at a lake in a safe to fly zone. Suddenly it turned its self and flew away very fast crashing into the ground. Luckily the drone is fine. DJI didn't give me a proper answer to why it happened. Everything was fine when I was flying and no warnings...
  14. Divine

    Sydney Australia Cinematic Drone Video Mavic Mini

    This beautiful drone video showcases stunning locations around Sydney ? enjoy!
  15. iamcharliemack

    New Member

    New Member out of ??? ???????, CA beginner ????? ????? ????? ??????! ?????? ????
  16. M

    Foggy pics from Mavic Pro. Found the reason, but how to fix it?

    My Mavic Pro sometimes shows misty or foggy pictures, they are unclear or as if they're badly out of focus. Initially I thought that 50 or 80 ft up there it just is more misty compared to what can be seen from the ground. It is definitely what the sensor sees, not a software problem. But I...
  17. adam28000


    Any of you pilots have ADS not detect aircraft, flying at low altitudes? It's like "surprise!"
  18. B

    Mini Alberta camping

    From my camping trip couple weeks ago.
  19. Skyler King III

    SOLD - DJI smart controller, like new for sale

    SOLD - I have a like new smart controller for sale. It is always been in the hard case and has an easily removable decal girl skin on it for extra protection. The screen is perfect. $550 plus actual cost of shipping. I accept PayPal, Zelle and Googlepay
  20. R

    Red Deer, Alberta

    Hello fellow pilots! Sadly, I have doscovered this wonderful group as I search for “DJI Care Plus flyaway claim denied - what to do”. Have any of you had a claim get denied? What did you do? Is there an appeal process? Once I am back in the sky I would love to fly with anyone in central...