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  1. adam28000


    Any of you pilots have ADS not detect aircraft, flying at low altitudes? It's like "surprise!"
  2. B

    Mini Alberta camping

    From my camping trip couple weeks ago.
  3. Skyler King III

    SOLD - DJI smart controller, like new for sale

    SOLD - I have a like new smart controller for sale. It is always been in the hard case and has an easily removable decal girl skin on it for extra protection. The screen is perfect. $550 plus actual cost of shipping. I accept PayPal, Zelle and Googlepay
  4. R

    Red Deer, Alberta

    Hello fellow pilots! Sadly, I have doscovered this wonderful group as I search for “DJI Care Plus flyaway claim denied - what to do”. Have any of you had a claim get denied? What did you do? Is there an appeal process? Once I am back in the sky I would love to fly with anyone in central...
  5. KaiservonPoopChute

    SOLD: Mavic Pro 1 in excellent condition with extras - Less than 10 hours of flight time - $450 shipped, $425 local pick-up in Long Beach

    I am selling my original Mavic Pro purchased in May of 2017. Asking $450 shipped anywhere in the contiguous U.S. or $425 local pick-up in Long Beach. The drone has less than 10 hours total of flight time and approximately 63 - 65 flights (A few flights done without using the app). It has never...
  6. D

    Need opinion.

    Hello guys, I'm new here. Buying a new drone and I need help. I have dji tello and want to upgrade to something with better camera for photo and video. Thinking about mavic mini or mini 2, what are your recommendations? Price range is about 400-600 dollars. And site suggestions would be good if...
  7. Stefan350

    FS: DJI Mavic Pro flymore combo **SOLD**

    Excellent condition, total flight time under 2hrs. Asking $600+s/h (Paypal) Photos coming.....
  8. J

    Ins2 vs a2s comparion shots

    New updated comparison videos! Best. Inspire2 vs air2s
  9. T

    Mavic 2 zoom equipment and parts

    I have quite a bit of DJI equipment and Mavic 2 zoom parts for sale. No longer have the drone. Everything listed is in like new condition. Prefer to sell all at once for $650. Value of all is well over $1500. Prices listed individually total $720. I'll throw in a range extender and Mavic...
  10. N

    Active Track 2.0 Control & Framing

    Hi. I have 2 questions about Active Track 2.0 1. Is there a way during Active Track 2.0 (Trace, Profile, Spotlight) to control and adjust the altitude, gimbal (up & down), displacement (left & right) and zoom? 2. Is there a way to decenter the tracked subject while still being tracked? I’m...
  11. I

    SOLD NEW Sealed DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo + 1 yr DJI Care Insurance

    SOLD elsewhere. Bought 6 month ago (so it still has manufacturer warranty and unactivated 1 yr DJI Care Refresh insurance) but never used this unit so I am putting it up for sale. I think everyone here should be familiar with the price breakdown and why fly more combo (and what it comes with)...
  12. T

    Mavic Pro Platinum EXCELLENT! - Like New w/accessories

    I am selling this near-brand-new condition Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo since I simply have more drones than I need. This Platinum was the elite level of the first generation Mavic Pro models with quieter props and motors along with a bit better flight time and the much more attractive...
  13. T

    Dji Air 2s Unboxing video

    Unboxing video of the Air 2s other then the 1” sensor and the added second front sensor seems to be the same as the 2. But that 1” sensor in low light should be great!
  14. B

    Air 2S vs. M2P camera quality

    I still love the Hasselblad camera on the Mavic 2 Pro, but I'm really curious what this thing can bring to the table with the 1-inch sensor. Anybody willing to guess how the quality between these two drones would compare against each other?
  15. P

    DJI mavic mini / mini 2 uncontrolled descent

    Hi everyone, I am a new DJI mini 2 owner. I have seen lots of posts/videos etc about the original mavic mini uncontrollably descending, particularly into water. I would love to fly over water to get some shots but of course do not want to risk this happening to me. I have searched online to see...
  16. C

    FS: Mavic air 2 - DJI care - SOLD

    Selling my mavic air 2. I got the drone in May of last year and it’s still under dji care without any incidents used and eligible to add another year. drone is in great condition without any issues. Im located in Dallas and would prefer a local pick up but will ship at buyers expense. Mavic...
  17. F

    Yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread, with some differences

    Hi all, sorry for yet another mavic mini gimbal stuck thread. But I haven't been able to find a solution to my problem after trying all of the fix on the forum and youtube. One of the main difference between my error and the others is that I'm stuck on 0% when trying to calibrate the gimbal...
  18. G

    DJI Mavic Mini fly more combo w/ modded controller and Titan amp antenna

    DJI Mavic Mini 1 Fly More Combo, includes all original equipment and accessories. Drone has no damage and very little flight time. Mostly used for testing, approximately 10 flights or less. Also includes Titan Drones amplified long range antenna and custom modded controller from Covert Drones...
  19. remotepilot

    *NO LONGER AVAILABLE* 5 Batteries + Charger + 6 Filters + 8 Props - (low hours of flight time)

    $850 +16.00 shipping = $866 (reasonable offers accepted) Mavic Pro Drone (UAV uSAS) Remote Controller 5 Intelligent Flight Batteries PolarPro Cinema Series Filters 4 Pair additional Propellors Charging hub for 4 Batteries & original charger Charging cord Complete set of propellor guards (not...