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  1. C

    Lake McConaughy-Find a Mavic Pro Platinum

    Last seen July 4th, 2019 landing in lake about 100 yards out from North Shore Lodge. Had orange decals back then, hoping someone finds it one of these days.
  2. L

    PRICE REDUCED: Mavic Mini Fly More Combo, GPC case, plus extras. CONUS $400

    Original owner. Bought for my son, but he had no interest in flying it. Only flown 2 or 3 times and very short distances. Never crashed. Includes the original box, everything in the Fly More Combo, plus leg extensions, propeller guard, and a GPC case.
  3. AtortPhotography

    Freewell Anamorphic Lens Footage for Mavic Air 2

    I have been playing around with this Freewell Anamorphic lens I bought for my Mavic Air 2 and honestly pretty cool! I shot some footage yesterday with it and put together a sample edit and will do a video today on how to work with the footage to desqueeze and make it look good so subscribe if...
  4. MavicMiniNick

    Mini First Mavic Mini Video (Canola Fields)

    This is my first attempt at an edited video. (iPhone Edit) This footage was taken in early October during my first flights using the Mavic Mini. Long way to go with both flying, filming and editing but I hope you like it.
  5. K

    Mavic Air Fly More ++ White

    I stuffed my Mavic Air into a very tall tree and received a new one but in the meantime I had purchased a Mavic 2 Zoom. So selling this replacement Mavic Air which I have not flown. The drone and controller still have the factory stickers on them. I originally purchased the Fly-More combo so...
  6. Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone Operations and Skill Training Enhanced using Neurotechnology and Neuromodulation.

    Drone piloting and operations enhanced by bilateral transdermal auricular stimulation. This is the first post on my new channel and am are excited to be shar...
  7. N

    Error code 40011

    Hello! My name is Nomi and I recently acquired a DJI Mavic Mini. It is a used drone. Worked fine when the guy was testing it for me. But when i got it home n flew it, the gimbal wont move and it shows me error code 40011. I can fly the drone properly without problems, but cant move the gimbal...
  8. djidroneservice

    DJI Propeller Guards for Mavic Air

    DJI Propeller Guards for Mavic Air, Only in $19 with Free Shipping Description: The Propeller Guards for Mavic Air from DJI are designed to provide a solid barrier around each of the spinning...
  9. LM FlyHigh

    Mini Almost Cinematic Shot Mavic Mini - Switzerland lockdown 2020

  10. Darto21

    Cloud inversion at the top of Schiehallion - the 58th highest munro in Scotland

    This was my first real outing with my Mavic Mini since my last video. It was the 12th munro I had climbed out of 282 and the first I had experienced the weather being better at the top than bottom! We found the car park, got all the gear on and made our way to the start point. Once on the...
  11. C

    Air 2 weird shaking

    Hello All, I was flying my Air 2 today, and experienced this very weird strong shaking about a minute after take off. The weather was decent, there was some wind, but nothing crazy. I was flying over water to a lighthouse, in a straight line in sports mode. I was recording my way there and...
  12. H

    Highlights from Pembrokeshire coastline, St David’s, Wales.

  13. djidroneservice

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2

    Ultimaxx Hardshell Backpack for Mavic 2 (Fits Smart Controller Or Regular Remote) Features: Ideal for travel easy to carry, suitable for outdoor activities or home storage. Backpack is equipped with a built-in light-weight aluminum carry handle and comfortable adjustable shoulder straps. Back...
  14. R

    Magic mini photo colour is saturated

    I have just bought a Mavis Mini. When I use it in video mode, when the camera is set to auto, the colours are natural. When I use it in photo mode, the colours are unnaturally bright and saturated, even when I use it in manual mode on the least grainy setting, 100 ISO. What am I doing wrong?
  15. let the mind flood

    8 Drone Hack You Need to know!

  16. G

    Lockdown in Cape Town

    Been stuck in Cape Town for almost 6 months, given that the border was closed. Didn't have my Mavic Pro with me, so decided to buy the new Air 2. Apologies for the sub-standard editing. Was using windows Photo Editor. 2 Weekends of flying: Please watch in HD!
  17. M

    Lost my Mavic Mini when it suddenly dropped into a river

    Hello everyone. I need help to figure out what happened to my drone, and if I can get a replacement from DJI because I have DJI Care Refresh. It suddenly started descending by itself even though I was not pressing down on the stick. I am a newbie with less than 2 hours of flight experience...
  18. Moore river estuary

    Moore river estuary

    Footage from our last trip to Moore river and Indian Ocean Estuary, Wester Australia
  19. djidroneservice

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 Free Shipping

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 with Free Shipping DDS [email protected] 908 378 9192
  20. Drone View | Cracow Sunrise | Kraków Wschód Słońca

    Drone View | Cracow Sunrise | Kraków Wschód Słońca

    If you like the movie, don't forget to Like and Subscribe ! ;)