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mission planning

  1. Dr_Zoidberg

    New 3rd party mission planning platform for consumer grade DJI drones - Pixpro Waypoints This is new and, in my opinion, quite affordable (10 euros for monthly bill and 5 for yearly) mission planning "tool" for consumer grade DJI drones (Mavic 3, Air 3, Mini 4 pro) with clean and simple interface. It's made primarily for photogrammetry...
  2. jaystechvault

    Autonomous Mission Planning For 3D Mapping / Photogrammetry Tutorial On The DJI Air 3

    Hello all, I have compiled an extensive tutorial about flying large scale mapping and photogrammetry missions fully autonomously specifically on the DJI Air 3 drone (without SDK). This tutorial relies heavily on the in-built waypoints feature on the DJI Air 3. I have also attached a general...
  3. Corp_T

    Mission Mapping while flying

    I'm not sure what it's called but the newer drones have a mission planning option where you can fly your drone to points and plot them along with POI which can later be used to fly a specific course automatically. Is the M2EA capable of this sort of planning or can we only do it poking the map...
  4. T

    LITCHI - how to move mission to different location.

    Hello! I make hard mission for one place, i want use my mission in different location with Android, without PC/Mac. How hack it? Thank you
  5. TLT

    DJI Ground Station Pro App & DJI Go - DON'T HAVE BOTH OPEN

    All, Just a heads up. I had planned a mission with the GS Pro app and everything went peachy. Then when I switched apps to the DJI Go App to fly an orbit for some oblique shots things were going fine until I hit the (...) three dots in upper right hand corner of DJI Go App which is the same...