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mobile device cpu fully loaded

  1. B

    Understanding Interference (And the CPU overloaded warning).

    Hey guys, long story short, my MA2 is not achieving anywhere near the advertised range. And I also am being given the "CPU overloaded: Related performance may be affected" warning on my iPhone 7 plus the moment I connect DJI fly to the drone. I don't even get a chance to film or do anything...
  2. CentralVAphoto

    Anyone run into this?

    I’m using an old iPhone 6+ to fly my Mini and getting cpu warnings. Coming from Mavic Pro, I’m not as familiar with the DJI Fly app and it seems pretty wifty. Also have a little red warning icon, bottom center, that looks like a device symbol, crossed through. See screenshots. Thoughts?
  3. Pittsburgh Bill

    Mobile device CPU fully loaded. Related performance will be affected.

    Updated the firmware before I went out for flight today. I noticed some strong magnetic interference so I backed away from my truck and phone and was able to calibrated the compass on my Mavic without a problem. I noticed on the screen during the flight that the image wasn't clear and was...