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  1. I

    Lost Drone footage has cost me £1000’s

    When they come knocking to buy some footage and you can’t find the needle in 48TB of storage haystack ‍♂️What do you do?
  2. ianannase

    Are you interested in delivering food and drinks with your drone for cash?

    Zing is an application I am working on that will be like the "Uber of Drones". Drone pilots will make a fixed amount for each delivery they make from places like Starbucks, Jimmy Johns, and Chipotle using their Mavic Pro drones. If you are interested please apply to join the drone pilot fleet at...
  3. B

    How much should I charge

    I am semi new to this I have been flying my drone for awhile but I want to get into making money I already have my licences to fly it. I just want to know how much I should charge people, or how much others charge.
  4. S


    I am looking for someone to help me film videos in Los Angeles. This is a video I made. If you are interested, message me via instagram @sfpix
  5. G

    FAA Certified Pilots Wanted

    I am looking for FFA Certified Pilots in several areas of the country for Aerial Photography and Video needs. If you are FAA certified and would like to discuss some possible projects in your area please email us at [email protected]. We work with people that love to Fly Drones, and would...
  6. Cutaway

    Needed to justify more drone spending to wife...

    So I said the drone can help friends and doing videos of their roofs so they don't fall and die. Here is the supporting video...