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  1. IMG_3162.jpeg


    Moon Rise. The sunset isn’t always the best part!
  2. D

    3 2160p video of Moon at 28x in high winds using a DJI Mavic 3.

    Mild Drift of camera occurs at 28x in high wind conditions, but not significant, considering the drone's zoom settings and wind speeds which were not recorded, but significant. OOPS, I posted a video similar to this, but this one is the full moon in high winds. Sort of unstable with...
  3. PhotoDB

    3 Blood Moon last night

    Couple shots of the Blood Moon over Strongsville Mall. The large one was taken with 28x. Crazy texture pattern (noise) but it got the color dead on.
  4. Cookedinlh

    And . . it has a nite-light

  5. MQuinn

    Supermoon 12/31/17-1/1/18 via Mavic