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motor fail

  1. J

    Mavic Air 2 Throttle cut off 3 feet above landing area

    First time this happened I was coming down from a flight and right before landing, the droneA motors just turned off and it smashed to the ground. The battery was at 15%. I am worried about this happening next flight does anybody have experience with this kind of incident or have a solution or...
  2. M

    Electrical Fault in the Drone Motor System - Any Experience?

    Hey Guys, I am doing some market research for my university on the subject of drones and faults. I was wondering if anyone could answer the following questions: 1. Have you experienced a fault in a drone motor or ESC? 2. Did you diagnose the fault? What was the nature of it? 3. Would a...
  3. 1

    ESC board problem but is it?

    Fixed by replacing the ESC Board
  4. L

    Motor failure

    New to the group looking for help, thanks in advance. Took the mavic out today, checked everything over before I took off. Accended about 20 ft and it was like a motor just failed or stalled. The front of the drone faced down and flew out of control until it wrecked. Drone will turn on but is...
  5. Davidss

    Unable to start motors.

    Looked at 'similar threads', but nothing seems to match. Full story, two days I found that flying in a straight line was not possible, the aircraft always drifted off slightly, so I thought I'd calibrate the control sticks. DJI have two videos up, once I'd found the later one I followed the...