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  1. minsk

    Tracking moving motorcycles while exploring the Himalayan Mountains

    Please ignore that fact that this is a promo for my business. Am I breaking the rules? If so just take it down and I'll cut out the watermark and reload. I am just interested in what fellow pilots think and how they reckon I can improve things. e.g. I have no idea how to colour correct, for...
  2. ed1nh0

    Motorcycle hard trunk and Mavic. Is it safe for a ride?

    Well guys I need some advices from bikers and from those who know well how fragile this equipment is for traveling inside a hard trunk on a motorcycle. I ride a sport bike and I'm wondering if I can carry my gear inside the hard trunk safely. I don't have a backpack. I do have a hard case...
  3. S

    Offroad Motorcycle 1st Video

    Finally finished my first drone footage edit from a ride this last weekend. First video i have actually ever edited. Any suggestions on how to get a little smoother video? Anyway.... Enjoy....
  4. Fireblade

    Active track / waypoint video of Yamaha streetbike (xsr900)

    Active tracking was not cooperating at all lol. It did much worse than the p4p. I'm hoping to get the Litchi and see if I could have better waypoints (DJI's waypoints have height limits but I wanted to go lower :( )
  5. Fireblade

    Sony's new action cam - built in optical stablization

    Anyone here into action cams? I've had a bunch throughout the years, but Sony's new optical stabilization is pretty awesome. Check out a quick comparison vid vs a gopro5.