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mountain biking

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    The ONLY way to film yourself with a Mavic Mini when mountain biking (Mini SE, Mini 2)

    I am a keen mountain biker and primarly use my orignial Mavic Mini for MTB reviews on Youtube. The problem that I have is that I cannot film myself since active track on ANY DJI drone is useless when trying to film yourself when riding fast in terrain. I am not talking about pointless and silly...
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    How to mount your drone on your mountain bikes - solved

    Hi folks, Being a drone photographer and a mountain biker, I was looking (like many others) for an easy way to mount the drone on the bike, for easy take-off and landing and controlling while riding and shooting. I have MA2, but it can work for others as well. Here is a video of the drone...
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    Mavic filming MTB

    My first go at trying to film the MTB's!
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    Mavic and waypoints and active track questions

    Hi all, I am currently working away over Christmas and new year while my mavic languishes in the house. I want to get some things right in my head before I come home to fly her more! I tried filming my first bit of mountain bike footage before I left and found it quite difficult because we...