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  1. K

    Firehouse mounts for dual cree LED strobes.

    Has anyone used the Firehouse mounts for their CREE dual strobes? What did you think of them? Also are people mounting a strobe on each leg, or just one for the front and one for the rear? Are there any proposed industry standards for anti-collision strobe placement? thanks......
  2. RTR-MT

    Mavic 2 - CrystalSky setup

    Thanks to Cyberpower678 for making it possible to use my CrystalSky monitor with the new Mavic 2! ( Tired of waiting for Mavic 2 support on CrystalSky? Wait no longer! ) Just completed basic test flight--no problems. Did not try intelligent flight modes. Now waiting for the best way to...
  3. E

    Anyone using the Drone Fans tablet mount? I have a question.

    I am thinking of getting a Drone Fans tablet mount from Amazon. You can see it at this link: Before I do, I have a question. I intend to use it for an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet, which is a great tablet...
  4. S

    Rubber bands fix or replace?

    Hi All, My first post great info on here. Was lucky enough to pick up a Mavic before Christmas. Unfortunately my brother put the drone in sport mode and flew it into a tree. His first and now only flight ever.... Chipped a few blades, Which I have replaced. But the problem is the camera is...