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  1. H

    Unable to take off but everything is working

    Hi guys, I have DJI Mini 2. The controller detects the drone, can film and operate the camera but it's not taking off. When I switch the drone on it does the usual movement & beep with gimbal looking around but the back light flashes various colours. My codes: 40012 - gimbal connection 30045 -...
  2. miniflyer

    Windy Movie

    Taken a few days apart as the wind in the first section was quite strong but moving the crop in pretty patterns. The second of the three sections shows the ripening under way. The Mavic Mini still performs flawlessly.
  3. A

    Gimbal board broken from crash? ribbon & cam line cable replaced, neither gimbal movement nor video!

    Hi Guys, i crashed my mavic, ribbon cable and camera line cable ripped off. I bought replacements on amazon and replaced them with the help of a YT video. I recon everything went fine, all connectors fit good. BUT: I have no gimbal movement when turning the mavic on (no calibration, no...