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Windy Movie

Hmm, very cool. I feel this is one of those cases though were youtube compressing stuff hurts the video big time.. all the grass stuff was blurry for me most of the time.

I would be curious to see how this looks on Vimeo: Watch, upload, and share HD and 4K videos with no ads so if you want a second take on that let me know lol.

I upload a lot on youtube and this subject annoys me..... my connection is fairly fast so its n ot that its catering to that...

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Thanks for your thoughts and I'm grateful for you commenting.


The sign appeared a few days after a large quantity of material was 'dumped' across the pathway entrance which is used by walkers, runners and horses including cyclist.
As you say I'm pleased fellow drone flyers are permitted. Thumbswayup

Thanks for commenting
Truly "amber waves of grain," huh? That looks like a very beautiful area. One thing we surely know how to do in the USA is ruin a beautiful vista with wires and phone poles though!
DaveS -

Parts of our area are rural with much nature and colours to see and hear.
Thanks for your comments.
VenomXts -

Took your advice and uploaded it to Vimeo - what do you think please?

Much better!!!!! Man, i want to fly on that hill... also roll down it like a kid lol. YouTube is fine for a lot of things but sometimes small details like that grass get lost. It still has some spots that are a bit blurry but that could be the original video too but its definitely much better than youTube version.

Be interested to see what others think as well.
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