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Mavic Platinum Battery Source??


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Jan 10, 2020
Wetside WA
Moving my battery need discussion from the Checking In section.
Anybody on the board recommended as a battery source?

Dug out my Mavic PP from the carry case after neglecting in for over 2 years and was surprised the charge lights still tested.
I need to find the section that outlines the meaning of the blinks listed below. Pretty sure they're toast but optimism abounds, :)

I checked all 4 batteries- 2 showed 2 lights, one showed 2 with 3rd flashing, one 1 with 2nd flashing. While I was there I looked around and - of course- found the charge cord I need.
I may not be lucky----- I need to read the color code section. The 4 way hub indicator shows yellow with no batteries attached, goes green with one battery then fades on and off then changes to red.
I'm trying directly to the battery and the bottom light blinks about 15 times then repeats after a few ... If I push the test button it slowly blinks 4 times. I tried to connect the controller to the Mavic and they didn't synch.

PATIENCE.... but three are looking shaky so far. Amazon has Non DJI batteries for the Mavic Pro around $73 each with Lipo bag. Any experience with these or any recommendations for a reliable source that will ship quickly?
How about OEM batteries. Always worked without worry.
Mavic Pro Platinum Intelligent Flight Battery
Designed for the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. Features include viewable battery status via the DJI GO app, and self-discharge, over-charge, and discharge protection. Buy the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Intelligent Flight Battery now at the DJI Store!
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Camrise (an authorized DJI dealer) has Mavic Pro Platinum batteries in stock here on Amazon. They are shipped directly by Camrise though, so returns might not be as easy if they don't arrive as expected.

RotorLogic (an authorized DJI dealer) also has some new batteries available on that same listing. But, they are $23 more than the DJI Store.

Due to the age of these batteries and the possibility that they could have been sitting in a box for some time, I'd buy directly from the DJI Store and wait.
I haven't heard anything bad about Camrise. Returns through sellers other than Amazon usually aren't as easy though. Thought it was worth a mention since some people might not realize not everything on Amazon comes from Amazon.
Thanks for the helpful comments/ recommendations.
Well familiar with linked Amazon vendors. The Amazon driver knows my dog's name ;)
I'm concerned about OEM for an older system not being fresh. Several reviews report failure.
I'll try to reach Camrise, --- Can't find CamRise through Member Search
"Due to the age of these batteries and the possibility that they could have been sitting in a box for some time, I'd buy directly from the DJI Store and wait." Spot on.

I disconnected the charger last night- No sense risking a Lipo fire. Doing the same multiple blink today.......
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UPDATE: I ordered 2 batteries from Amazon so I could have the Platinum operable when my son comes.
They had 2 lights + blink.
I did an inhouse check and the drone perked right up. After charging I did a short test in the driveway and the system works great.

NOw I've got to deal with RID, software/ firmware upgrades ( assuming there have been some ) and how to look UP with my fused back. :)
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